Jul 24 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! Insert Song – Ichiban no Takaramono (Original Version) [karuta]


The karuta version of Ichiban no Takaramono is slightly different from the Yui Version. The main difference is that verses 1 and 4 are completely unique to each version. There are also a few changes scattered around the song but most are variations of “you” to “everyone.” I’m not sure which one I like more. When possible I kept the sentence structure of the translations the same between versions. Anyway enjoy the original version of the lyrics.


Suso ga nureta nara
Kawaku no mateba ii
Mizuoto wo tatete haneta

Kimi ga oshiete kureta n da Mou kowaku nai
Nigitte ite kureta kono te wo hanasanakya dame da

Hitori demo yuku yo Tatoe tsurakute mo
Minna de mita yume wa Kanarazu motteku yo
Minna to ga ii na Minna to ga yokatta
Demo mezameta asa Dare mo inai n da ne

Mou furikaette mo dare no kage mo nai
Mizutamari dake ga hikatta
Ikiteku koto sore wa tachimukatte iku koto
Sore ga wakatta nara ato wa fumidasu yuuki dake

Doko made mo yuku yo Koko de shitta koto
Shiawase to iu yume wo kanaete miseru yo
Minna to hanarete mo Donna ni tooku natte mo
Atarashii asa ni Kono Boku wa ikiru yo

Hitori demo yuku yo Shinitaku natte mo
Koe ga kikoeru yo Shinde wa ikenai to
Tatoe tsurakute mo Yami ni tozasarete mo
Kokoro no oku ni wa Akari ga tomotteru yo

Megutte nagarete Toki wa utsuroida
Mou nani ga atta ka Omoidasenai kedo
Me wo tojite mireba Minna no waraigoe
Naze ka sore ga ima ichiban no takaramono

English Translation

Whenever the tips of my clothes got wet,
I was alright just waiting for them to dry.
I jumped wholeheartedly to the sound of the water.

You taught me so much; I’m not scared anymore.
I have to let go of these hands that were holding me.

I’ll go by myself, even if it looks painful,
I’ll always carry on the dream I had with everyone.
Being with everyone is so nice; Being with everyone was so wonderful.
But when I woke up in the morning, no one was there.

Even if I don’t turn around anymore, I know I won’t see anyone’s reflections.
Only the puddles were shining.
Living is the same thing as fighting.
If I understood that, I would have only the courage to advance onward.

I’ll go anywhere, you all know that.
I’ll show you all that I can grant your dreams of happiness.
Even if I’m separated from everyone, no matter how far,
I’ll be born with the new morning.

I’ll go by myself, even if I want to die,
I can hear your voices; I mustn’t die.
Even if it looks painful, even if I’m locked in darkness,
Deep in my heart the light is burning.

Time changed as it ebbed and flowed.
I can’t remember what happened anymore but,
If I try and close my eyes I can hear everyone’s laughter.
Somehow that’s now my most precious treasure.



きみが教えてくれたんだ もう恐くない

ひとりでもゆくよ 例え辛くても
みんなで見た夢は 必ず持ってくよ
みんなとがいいな みんなとがよかった
でも目覚めた朝 誰も居ないんだね


どこまでもゆくよ ここで知ったこと
みんなと離れても どんなに遠くなっても
新しい朝に この僕は生きるよ

ひとりでもゆくよ 死にたくなっても
声が聞こえるよ 死んではいけないと
例え辛くても 闇に閉ざされても
心の奥には 明かりが灯ってるよ

巡って流れて 時は移ろいだ
もう何があったか 思い出せないけど
目を閉じてみれば みんなの笑い声

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  1. XZX

    I believe there’s a mistake in the translation of verse 2, line 2:

    Don’t let go of these hands you’ve held.”

    The speaker (presumably Otonashi) is saying that he has to let go of the hands that were holding him.

  2. Honya

    Thanks for the find. Correction made.

  3. Tachibana Kanade

    Zomg! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR TRANSLATING THIS SONG!!!!! THANKS 😀 😀 Lots of <3 <3 for you 😀

  4. Honya

    The “release” of this OST 3 days ahead of schedule was not surprising after noticing the pattern of the previous releases of Angel Beats Music XD

    However, I thank you very much Honya for providing your time and effort in translating this song : ) I listen to these soundtracks to the point where I can “sync” my mind and soul to many of the songs, it gives me chills up my spine all the time; in a good way of course 😛 Which is why I have been a fan of Maeda Jun’s work ever since I watched “AIR” =D

    Hehe, I do not wanna babble around on what I think about music, but I wanna ask you a quick question. I made an Amateur AMV using Ichiban no Takaramono (Yui Ver.) and pictures of Yui X Hinata. Its a simple music slideshow but I was curious if its ok to link the video on your website once the “peer edit” is complete? This is the first AMV I ever made and is the first video I plan to post on the internet. (Yes, yall can laugh at me : P )

  5. Honya

    Oh! AIR is where I got started too.

    Sure. When you’re ready just post the link here. I’ll be looking forward to it!

  6. AMg

    Well, Mr. Maeda. You have crafted a fitting song for the finale and other songs for every occasion. Now, looking forward for your special after-story episodes.

  7. Nanaya

    Omg… Take a look at this:

    Awesome, isn’t it?

  8. Liberta

    As promised, here is my first AMV slideshow showing Yui and Hinata using Ichiban no Takaramono (Yui ver.) in the background. I hope yall enjoy it and let me know if you have any comments about the AMV.

    I am also thinkin about making a similar AMV using the Karuta ver. with Otonashi/Kanade pics.


  9. Liberta


    Would help if i actually pasted the link huh XD

  10. Lina ~

    omg, thank you for the translation, is so beautiful. *_*

  11. waynewoei94

    Thank you for this translation. Really appreciate it.

  12. Steve

    i’m crying when listen to this song…
    Good translation ^^

  13. nova

    i’m crying when listen this song
    this song remind me about my past
    nice transate :)
    i’d love it

  14. 1caiser

    Wow… I was wondering what the translation was. Couldn’t find it on animelyrics.com… THANK YOU!!!!

    Is it okay if I post this english translation for animelyrics? Thanks… and wonderful translations… 😀

    1. Honya

      As long as you credit my work on the site, you can go ahead and post my translation on Animelyrics.

  15. Carmen

    i love that song is so beutiful

  16. didta7

    really a great song, i sure did enjoy it

  17. yuzuru

    i love it

  18. Ouma shun

    sugoii sugoii…

  19. Otonashi Yuzuru

    so sad… when I remember that…


  20. gratia sinclaire

    Thanks for translate this song^_^…..

  21. loyal servant of KANADE "TENSHI,ANGEL" TACHIBANA

    This is a nice app.thank you for translating it in english.:-) but may I ask you something did angel beats have part 3 and 4??>:-(.tell me what website it is and I’m going to watch it!!thank you from a big fan of angel beats also to kanade..Hahahaha ;-

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