Oct 20 2010

[Lyrics] Amagami SS OP2 – Kimi no Mama de [azusa]


Amagami’s new OP like the first is extremely catchy. Between the words that evoke the winter season, the reciprocal love that moves from the past into the future and the ability to be oneself around one’s lover, the song produces a really wonderful image. Of course it’s wrapped up in a nice rhythm that’s fun to sing to. I hope everyone likes it just as much as me!


Kimi wa kimi no mama de Boku wa boku no mama de Subete wakariaetara

Nando mo kisetsu wo kasaneta ne Ano hi kara Kyou made doumo arigatou
Semai roji ura mezashi Shiroi iki ga odoru
Itai kurai nigitta te wo hiite Kimi wa susunde iku

Ima sugu kiss shitakatta Kakureta jihanki no ura
Hanikande mitsumeatta Yasashii kimochi afureta

Kimi wa kimi no mama de Boku wa boku no mama de Subete wakariaeta nara
Futari wa hitotsu da yo
Donna chiisa na shiawase mo Mitsukedaseru ki ga suru yo
Yasashiku nareta no wa Kimi no okage

Kami wo kitte mo MEIKU wo kaete mo Kidzuite kurenai kimi dakedo
Nayande iru kao wa Sugu ni wakaru n da ne
“Doushita?” tte yasashiku sareru to Nakete kichau kara

Utsumuite hiza kakaeta Tonari ni kimi ga iru kara
Konna hi wa nakimushi de yokubari na watashi de ireru yo

Kimi wa kimi no mama de Zutto kawaranaide Toki wo koeta mirai demo
Futari wa hitotsu da yo
Yakusoku nanka nakute mo Shinjiaeru ki ga suru yo
Tsuyoku nareta no wa Kimi no okage

Ima sugu dakishimetakute Kogoesou na ashi wo tome
Kasanatta mune no oku Konna ni mo atatakai yo

Kimi wa kimi no mama de Boku wa boku no mama de Subete uketomeraretara
Donna chiisa na shiawase mo Donna chiisa na yorokobi mo
Kanjirareru no wa Kimi no okage

English Translation

You’re being yourself and I’m being myself. If we could understand everything about each other…

The seasons have come and gone so many times since that day and even today I’m so grateful.
With our sight set on the other side of the alley our white breaths dance.
Grabbing my hand so hard it almost hurts you pull me along as you move forward.

I wanted to kiss you right away hidden behind the vending machines.
Shyly we stared at each other and the kindness overflowed.

You’re being yourself and I’m being myself. If we could understand everything about each other
The two of us would be as one.
No matter how small the happiness I feel we’ll be able to find it.
I was able to be kind thanks to you.

Even if I cut my hair or change my makeup you don’t notice but
When I look worried you understand right away.
When you kindly ask me “What’s wrong?” I’m completely moved to tears.

I look down and hold my knees since you’re next to me.
On days like this I can be a selfish crybaby.

You’re being yourself. Don’t ever change. Even in a timeless future
The two of us will be as one.
Even without things like promises I feel we can trust in each other.
I was able to be strong thanks to you.

Wanting to hold you right away I stop my frozen legs.
Piled up in the depths of my heart is a warmth such as this.

You’re being yourself and I’m being myself. If I could take in everything
No matter how small the happiness, no matter how small the joy,
I’ll be able to feel them thanks to you.


君は君のままで 僕は僕のままで 全てわかり合えたら

何度も季節を重ねたね あの日から 今日までどうもありがとう
狭い路地裏目指し 白い息が踊る
痛いくらい握った手をひいて 君は進んでいく

今すぐkissしたかった 隠れた自販機の裏
ハニかんで見つめあった 優しいキモチ溢れた

君は君のままで 僕は僕のままで 全てわかり合えたなら
どんな小さな幸せも 見つけ出せる気がするよ
優しくなれたのは 君のおかげ

髪を切っても メイクを変えても 気付いてくれない君だけど
悩んでいる顔は すぐに分かるんだね
“どうした?” って優しくされると 泣けてきちゃうから

うつむいて膝抱えた 隣に君がいるから
こんな日は泣き虫で 欲張りな私でいれるよ

君は君のままで ずっと変わらないで 時を越えた未来でも
約束なんかなくても 信じ合える気がするよ
強くなれたのは 君のおかげ

今すぐ抱きしめたくて 凍えそうな足を止め
重なった胸の奥 こんなにも暖かいよ

君は君のままで 僕は僕のままで 全て受け止められたら
どんな小さな幸せも どんな小さな喜びも
感じられるのは 君のおかげ

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  1. NighNote

    AWWWWW Thanks for Translating the song I really love it :3, its a beautiful song 😀 about love happiness and those feeling that you feel when you are with that special person :P, Amagami SS is a cute anime to enjoy n_n.
    Btw gratz for your blog I daily visit it for any update lol 😛 Its nicely done and the community here is awesome too, I first enter this blog for an Angel Beats lyric and now I cant stop visiting haha, anyway gratz again and keep the good work :3

  2. Honya

    Amagami is a pretty entertaining anime to watch and all the arcs have their own unique charms.

    Anyway I’m glad you like my work and I hope you continue to visit!

  3. chikorita157

    Hmmm… Some parts of the songs kinda reminded me of Thousand Enemies… anyway, this opening is a bit better than the first opening… although the B-side tracks… yeah…

    I wonder how the rest of the endings turn out…

    1. Honya

      Not sure I would have made that comparison. Anyway azusa has a nice voice so I wouldn’t mind hearing more of her songs.

      Hopefully the last few endings turn out nicely. Still waiting for Ayatsuji!

  4. kyousuke

    Thanks for the translation. This is one of my favorite songs. Once I heard it, I couldnt get it out of my head. And as everyone else, I too am looking forward to Ayatsuji’s arc.

  5. Donovan

    <3 Ayatsuji. She rocks!!

  6. Amagamiman


  7. Maurício

    Beatiful song! *-*

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