Dec 27 2011

Smile Precure Story and Character Bio Translations (plus my random thoughts)


The Smile Precure websites were updated recently so I felt like translating the official character and story materials. It pretty much reconfirms the rumors and leaked info we’ve already seen but it also has some nice new tidbits. First up are translations of information from Asahi’s Smile Precure site. Pictures are omitted since the other site has better versions.


Somewhere in the universe…there existed “Märchenland” where fairy tale characters live in peace. Existing within it was the “Bad End Kingdom” where only fairy tale villains gathered. These villains came to the Earth to collect the Bad Energy born from showing people “The Worst Ending.” If this continues, not just the Earth, but all worlds will have “The Worst Ending”…

In order to prevent that, “The 5 Legendary Warriors Precure” must be found and the “Cure Décor”, the Power of Happiness belonging to the Queen of Märchenland, which the “Bad End Kingdom” snatched away must be recovered. To find the Precure as fast as possible, the fairy “Candy” headed towards the Earth chasing the “5 Lights.” The first one “Candy” met was the panicking middle school student “Miyuki” who was about to be late on the first day after changing schools…

2012, With plenty of “Smiles” the Precure will do their utmost effort for everyone’s “bright futures” and “happiness”!!

Character Introductions

Cure Happy
Hoshizora Miyuki
Voice Actress: Fukuen Misato

Loves märchen (fairy tales)! A super positive, energetic and bright 14 year old! But she is a little clumsy, scatterbrained and easily flustered…?! Her catchphrase when she is happy or when she’s having fun is “Ultra Happy!”
The Precure possessing the power of the sacred light, she transforms into Cure Happy!

Cure Sunny
Hino Akane
Voice Actress: Tano Asami

Possessor of a heart which burns hotter than others! From Osaka, she loves making others laugh! She also seeks punchlines in conversations…
The Precure possessing the power of flames, she transforms into Cure Sunny!

Cure Peace
Kise Yayoi
Voice Actress: Kanemoto Hisako

A bit of a crybaby but, she’s an overachiever with a strong core! Drawing manga is her big specialty☆
The Precure possessing the power of lightning, she transforms into Cure Peace!

Cure March
Midorikawa Nao
Voice Actress: Inoue Marina

Has a strong sense of justice. She does not forgive twisted things! Has the disposition of an older sister, and also has exceptional guts! But she has a girly side too…
The Precure possessing the power of the wind, she transforms into Cure March!

Cure Beauty
Aoki Reika
Voice Actress: Nishimura Chinami

Even serves as the student council vice president, a kind-hearted older sister type who can be relied on. But when she is angered she’s the scariest?!
The Precure possessing the power of water & ice, she transforms into Cure Beauty!

Voice Actress: Ootani Ikue

Spoken to by the Queen of Märchenland, a fairy who came to the Earth to find the Legendary Warriors Precure. A girl who loves style☆
Her catchphrase is “__KURU~♪”


Next up is info from Toei’s Smile Precure site. It contains mostly the same stuff as above but has a few extra things and a more detailed story synopsis. Similarly it also has pictures of the girls in everyday wear in addition to the same costume images on the Asahi site.



Cure Happy
Hoshizora Miyuki
The dazzlingly shining light of the future!

A bright and energetic girl who loves picture books. She’s a scatterbrain and an easily flustered person but, decidedly she earnestly pushes straight on without feeling down. Her catchphrase when she is happy is “Ultra Happy!”


Cure Sunny
Hino Akane
The hot blooded power of the brilliant sun!

A girl who possesses a heart which burns hotter than others. Very rousing, she loves making people laugh. She often helps at her family’s house which doubles as an okonomiyaki shop. She is a member of the volleyball club at school.


Cure Peace
Kise Yayoi
Rock, paper, scissors with a sparkly flash♪

A bit of a crybaby but, she’s a girl with a strong core. Possessor of a considerate heart, once made she absolutely keeps promises. Drawing manga is her big specialty but, she is a shy person and has not really shown them to people.


Cure March
Midorikawa Nao
The straightforward match with an intense courage!

Has guts, a girl who does not forgive twisted things. Probably because she has the disposition of an older sister and is refreshing she is popular with girls. On the other hand she loves cute things and has a girly side too. Sports are her specialty and she is a member of the girls soccer club.


Cure Beauty
Aoki Reika
The noble heart accumulating with heavy precipitation!

Has an elegant demeanor, a dignified and gentle girl. Even serves as the student council vice president and is reliable. She seldom gets angry but when she does, she is in fact the scariest. She is a member of the archery club at school.


A fairy who came to the Earth to gather the Cure Décor and return peace to “Märchenland.” Loves style and cute looks. Her catchphrase is “~KURU.”



I’m, Hoshizora Miyuki.
Starting today I’ll be attending Nanairogaoka Middle School as a second year student. “I’m gonna be late on the first day after transferring schools!” While I was rushing, I stumbled into a fateful meeting with “Candy” who came flying out of a picture book! She came from the fairytale land “Märchenland.” She said in order to save the the world from the bad guys who plan to give it a Bad End, she was searching for the Legendary Warriors Precure. But…what’s “Märchenland?” Where are the “Cure Décor”, the treasures to save the world?? Then the bad guys attacked! Saying “We’ll give the world a Bad End~”…Unforgivable! When I took hold of the Smile Pact, surprisingly I transformed into Precure!? I’ll show them that we can combine the powers of the 5 members of Precure to protect everyone’s smiles!!

Head for the dazzlingly shining and bright smiles, Go! Go! Let’s Go!!

Random Thoughts

With that out of the way I also want to express some random thoughts about what I know about Smile Precure so far. I’ll say it again but much of it reminds me of Yes! Precure 5 (GoGo!) which is understandable since they share the same character designer. This is by no means a bad thing though since it is my favorite Precure series.

The naming conventions are important in any Precure series so it’s fun to find hints in them. One thing I noticed was the thing about “5 Lights” which is similar to Yes! Precure 5 with the 5 butterflies. Their school was called L’École des Cinq Lumières, The School of the Five Lights, after all. However Smile‘s school is called Nanairogaoka which makes me wonder if there’s some significance behind “7 colors.” Of course it could just refer to something like a standard rainbow but the one featured in the logo only has 5 colors corresponding to the existing characters. There is the possibility of two more Cures joining down the line though I’d be hesitant to speculate about that. Even though I think that would be kinda cool, the two other colors could just as easily come from somewhere else like fairies. Of course I could just be thinking too deeply about something minor.

The official stuff on the sites don’t mention the rumored Emperor Pierrot but it wouldn’t be too surprising if he ruled the Bad End Kingdom. I also find it interesting that the Asahi site uses two words, märchen and otogibanashi, to refer to fairy tales. I’m curious as to whether there is a real distinction between the two since the fairy world is called Märchenland. With regards to Candy’s catchphrase I’m guessing she’ll append words ending with “KURU” to the end of her sentences such as “miracle” or something. It’s also looks like we’ll have only one fairy again for this series at least for now.

As for the girls as always I love how their names correspond to their colors and powers like Hino Akane = sunny field + madder red. Speaking of which I like the elemental nature of their powers which should hopefully help distinguish the girls in combat since often times Cures on the same team have really similar attacks. Their introductory speeches also have some kind of onomatopoeia in them which I guess is their structure this season. Sunny’s is probably my favorite though since it sounds so cool. On a slightly related matter I’m guessing we’re going back to independent transformation as I suspect that each Cure will get an introductory episode a la Yes! Precure 5 or Fresh Precure. Of course all 4 other girls could stumble into Miyuki when she is attacked but I kinda doubt it.

In terms of their personalities I can see some similarities to previous characters. Miyuki seems very similar to Nozomi. Since she shares the never give up mentality it could mean she’ll be just as insanely powerful. Akane is also similar to Rin especially with the whole fire thing. I really want these two to do a combined fire attack in the next DX movie with Rin using her feet (futsal/soccer) and Akane using her hands (volleyball). Since her family does run an okonomiyaki shop it’s not hard to imagine them hanging at her place often since Precure girls always have the munchies. Yayoi is harder to pin down since she seems vaguely like Komachi, Urara, Inori and Mai so I’ll be looking forward to getting a better feel for her identity. I’m glad there’s finally another artist. Nao, the second ever green Cure, actually is not similar to Mint at all. She actually seems closer to the tomboyish leaders such as Hibiki and Nagisa. In fact she may even occupy a similar space as Akane so I’m wondering how they interact together. Reika looks to be very similar to Karen and given her power of water and her archery affiliation she could very well have an attack similar to Sapphire Arrow. Just like with Akane and Rin above I want to see the Reika and Karen doing a joint water attack in the next DX movie. The fact that so many of them are in athletic clubs also makes me wonder if Akane, Nao and Reika will compete with each other in some fashion. I could imagine those 3 having a relationship like the one Rin and Karen had.

As for their appearance their normal forms actually look decidedly normalish. Some of their hair is a little out of the ordinary but for the most part they look like styles ordinary girls might have. I’d say that these girls have the most drastic hair changes when they transform than any other Precure team which is neat. God I love their wacky hair. I enjoy how each of the girls have different variations on the same basic school uniform too which is nice to see and shows off a bit of their personalities. Their casual clothes are also nice. In particular Nao’s really rocking that tomboy look.

As February 5th approaches my anticipation for Smile keeps increasing. I can hardly wait!

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  1. Anya

    “She seldom gets angry but when she does, she is in fact the scariest.” Anddddd Cure Beauty is in the lead for taking the position of my favorite character in Smile Precure!

    I still haven’t watched most series yet, but it’s nice to see another green Cure this time. In group picture fanart the old one’s always left alone.

    1. Honya

      It’s pretty hilarious when someone draws all of them in a rainbow arrangement. Mint always has the most abrupt color transitions.

      Also looking back at what I wrote it seems I’m actually the most excited about Sunny. She seems too cool.

  2. elior1

    @honya i found somthing funny about smile precure the voice actor of candy is the voice actor of pikatchu

  3. john

    i still like to the all star movie that intreduces the smile precure tho love the first eps reminded me of YPC 5/FP /HEART CP all wrap uped in one series
    ps please finished YPC 5 SUBS N YPC 5 GOGO on other sites lol
    just a thought out to others

  4. john

    like to see oops

  5. jyri

    i like Moshizura Miyuki i like her because she is so really pink

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