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Aug 06 2011

[Lyrics] Amagami SS Character Image Songs For You… – Omoi no Kaze wa Doko Made mo [Tanamachi Kaoru (CV: Satou Rina)]

Next up in the For You collection is Kaoru’s song which translates to something like The Breeze of Thoughts go on Endlessly. It’s another solid song like the rest of her songs and has a nice nostalgic feeling at times and really feels like it’s from a close friend. Anyway enjoy!

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Aug 05 2011

[Lyrics] Amagami SS Character Image Songs For You… – I Believe [Ayatsuji Tsukasa (CV: Nazuka Kaori)]

Ayatsuji’s I Believe is a very relaxing song. I like White or Black? a little more purely because of how hilariously tsundere it is but this song has hints of that as well (maybe tsundere isn’t the right word but there sure is a lot of teasing and dominating). Maybe I should do that song …

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Aug 04 2011

[Lyrics] Amagami SS Character Image Songs For You… – Shiawase no Sunahama [Nanasaki Ai (CV: Yukana)]


So Project Amagami is finally back! The first song I decided to release was Ai’s last image song which translates to Sandy Beach of Happiness since she’s one of my favorite characters. The other girls’ songs will start trickling out as well as I get around to proofreading the translations as well as add romanizations …

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Jun 29 2011

[Lyrics] K-ON!! – Samidare 20 Love [HO-KAGO TEA TIME]

Here’s my first K-ON! translation in half-a-year! Samidare 20 Love is one of my favorite K-ON! songs. It’s just so catchy and nice. Anyway expect some more K-ON! songs to start trickling out soonish. Enjoy!

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Jun 28 2011

[Lyrics] To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OVA OP – future gazer [fripSide]


Here is a song requested by Akaya. I don’t know why I didn’t translate this song when it first came out since it’s a fantastic song. In fact it is my favorite Railgun song so I never skip it when it comes up on the playlist. Anyway enjoy the translation.

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Jun 28 2011

[Lyrics] Steins;Gate ED – Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku [Sakakibara Yui]


Here’s the other Steins;Gate song requested by Templa which translates into something like The Twelve Pledges Which Govern Time. Like before I tried to keep the translation consistent with scientific language when possible. Not sure I have more to say other than please enjoy.

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Jun 26 2011

[Lyrics] Steins;Gate OP – Hacking to the Gate [Itou Kanako]


As the first part of my attempt to escape my prolonged translation absence, here is my latest work requested by Templa for a fansubbing project. I might be a little rusty and the lyrics are different from the type I’m usually used to but I hope that you like my work. Given the nature of …

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Jun 22 2011

Summer 2011 Anime Watch List: NEET Mode Activate


After much inactivity on the blog I finally present my assorted musings on the shows I will be following next season. I may be picking up a life-threatening number of new anime to watch as I did last season. I originally started writing this post (alongside numerous other posts) while I was out of the …

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May 01 2011

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 57: Farewell Yuri Chalk


After 57 episodes, I have finally arrived at the very last edition of Yuri on the Chalkboard. Unfortunately due to some unforeseen events yesterday, I couldn’t do it normally so I had to go to my usual room early this morning to draw instead. This final iteration of Yuri Chalk is the most personal one …

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Apr 23 2011

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 56


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