Jul 05 2009

Umineko no Naku Koro ni “San” Episode 5


A bunch of online sites have started to take preorders for 07th Expansion’s newest entry in the Umineko franchise, Episode 5 End of the Golden Witch, and there are a few interesting things to note. Unlike Higurashi which used “kai” (解, answer/solution) to differentiate its second half, Umineko will be using San (散. scatter) instead. It’s an intriguing choice and I wonder if it may have to do with “scattering” the pieces on the game board or something to that effect.

While some sites have generic picture pending entries others such as D-STAGE have revealed Episode 5’s new portrait which appears to be yet another new witch. I personally believe this new witch looks quite lovely but the hand at the bottom right corner makes the portrait just a little disturbing (not nearly as much as all the murders mind you).


In addition D-Stage has also revealed one new screenshot featuring the said character in what appears to be the parlor. This new character looks suspiciously like Bernkastel so this makes me wonder whether this could mark Bernkastel’s corporeal appearance on the game board. Of course it’s not necessarily Bernkastel either since the eys are not quite the same; Bernkastel has purple eyes and a glazed-over look. I guess I’ll just wait until after Episode 5 is out to discover the “truth”.

Episode 5 will be on sale August 15 for a mere 1750 yen.

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Jul 01 2009

iDOLM@STER Dearly Stars Release Date and Pricing Announced

[Image Source]

Today on the iM@S official site, Bandai-Namco announced that the upcoming Nintendo DS game iDOLM@STER Dearly Stars will go on sale September 17 2009 for 6279 yen, just in time to distract me from school. It will have a CERO rating of C (15 years old+). There doesn’t seem to be any details regarding a special edition of Dearly Stars but surely being from a hit franchise like iM@S is bound to have one and I’ll be enough of a sucker to buy it.

Can’t wait to play it this fall. Definitely planning to choose Mizutani Eri, the blue-haired hikikomori idol, first. By the way she is voiced by Hanazawa Kana AKA Zange-chan (Kannagi).

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Jul 01 2009

Lyrics: Umineko no Naku Koro ni OP Katayoku no Tori by Shikata Akiko (TV Size)


I don’t normally do TV size lyrics but considering that I’ve been on a 07th Expansion translation frenzy lately, I decided I might as well. The reason I don’t usually do TV size cuts is because I can’t guarantee the same accuracy from listening and transcribing as I can from looking at lyrics booklets. Anyway I am pretty confident that this is mostly accurate. Special shout out to atlantiza for helping me figure out two of the lines. Enjoy.

EDIT: Updated with some changes from this site.
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Jun 27 2009

Lyrics: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei ED Manazashi by anNina


Another wonderful Higurashi no Naku Koro ni song by anNina. I just love how the lyrics describe Rika’s feelings of committing sin during Saikoroshi-hen. Being the 07th Expansion fan that I am I have translated this set of lyrics in addition to the usual transliteration. Please enjoy.
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Jun 23 2009

Lyrics: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei OP Super scription of data by Shimamiya Eiko


Finally the opening single I have been waiting for the most has come out! Super scription of data is a brilliant song and the lyrics match so well with Rika’s story that I obviously HAD to transliterate and translate it. I also included two translator’s notes at the end. I can’t wait for the last episode of Rei. Anyway enjoy!
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Jun 21 2009

New Translation Project: Umineko Manga


Earlier this week I was approached by Nabiki to help scanlate the Umineko no Naku Koro ni manga with the promise of cleaning and typesetting. I had been thinking about translating the manga as well except that I didn’t have any help so I decided to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. After a little bit of hard work we are proud to present our first release! We picked up at chapter 6 where other groups have stalled. It can be downloaded here. New releases will be updated on the WTDND blog. I hope you guys enjoy!

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Jun 15 2009

More FumoFumo Touhou Plushies GET


Last December I wrote that I got Gift’s FumoFumo Touhou Plushie Reimu and Marisa. Nearly half-a-year later I have finally gotten more Touhous to add to my collection. To be precise I received FumoFumo Alice, Patchouli, Remilia and Sakuya this afternoon. I was originally supposed to get Remilia and Sakuya in February but Toys Logic failed incredibly hard despite my early pre-order so I once again turned to Shopping Mall Japan to help me snag them at Yahoo Auctions Japan. I got Remi, Sakuya, Alice and Patchy for about 7000 yen per pair which is close to retail price and after fees and shipping about the same price I would have paid at Toys Logic so in the end it worked out. (There are a few things that Toys Logic offers that other sites don’t that I’m interested in such as the Saki Mahjong Set but I’ll be wary the next time I try to order from them).


Unfortunately I’m still missing Flandre from my collection since I ran out of money. Hopefully I’ll add Flan later. There’s also a giant version of the Reimu Plushie but I’d rather save my money for possibly more of the regular-sized ones assuming Gift continues to release more.

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Jun 15 2009

New Umineko Anime Trailer Released

Earlier today a new trailer for the upcoming summer anime Umineko no Naku Koro ni was unveiled on Famitsu.com. Unlike previous teasers this new one actually features scenes taken from the anime instead of graphics from the game. The art and animation look really good although admittedly it really isn’t that hard to top Higurashi with the sole exception of Rei. The girls look really pretty and so do the guys who themselves look rather bishounen. The adults look surprisingly good as well and the expressions look perfect especially Maria’s creepy stare. Too bad there is no footage of any of the supernatural beings including Beatrice herself. How am I supposed to know how sexy Mammon and the other Stakes of Purgatory are!?


It also appears that the first airing will be on Chiba TEREBI July 1st at 25:30 (Wednesday) which corresponds to midday where I live. I wish it was a Friday since that would be easier to schedule for subbing purposes but whatever.

EDIT: My group SEACATS released a translated version.

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Jun 12 2009

Umineko Anime OP Preview


I don’t know the exact details but a 45 second cut of Umineko no Naku Koro ni’s anime opening song was leaked on Nico Nico Douga recently. Interestingly enough it seems the English fan community has invaded and left a bunch of English comments which the Japanese don’t seem to enjoy very much. Quite hilarious if you ask me. Video below for convenience:

The song is similar in style to the original game’s opening and is sung by the same artist so I am sure it will please fans. Trying to imagine the accompanying animation is somewhat hard but it would be nice if they eluded to the original openings from the games and changed scenes for each of the four episodes. Definitely looking forward to the TV version and the full-size to be released August 19.

(In a related note, I may be helping fansub the Umineko anime.)

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Jun 07 2009

Umineko 4 Complete Patch Released!


After much anticipation the Witch Hunt has finally released the last patch for Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 4: Alliance of the golden witch. Like always this patch contains the complete text of all 4 Umineko episodes released thus far since Umineko 4 itself includes all 4 sound novels. For those who have yet to try this amazing series there isn’t much excuse since everything so far is translated so I suggest now would be a great time to get started especially if you want to try to solve the mystery of Rokkenjima. You can think of it as preparation for the anime version which will be released in a few weeks as part of the summer season. Download Links for the patch can be found here.

Thanks a bunch to everyone who has worked on these English patches for your insight and speed! O(≧∇≦)O

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