May 29 2009

Angel Beats! Website Temporarily Under Limited Access


While checking the official Angel Beats! Website for possible news and updates following the Dengeki G’s announcement, I found it inaccessible save for the top page that was replaced with the image shown above with the following text:


Roughly this translates to:

Temporarily in the middle of being withdrawn (from the public)
Plan to return May 30th
Maeda Jun’ Bloodthirsty Radio will simultaneously be transmitted

Could the possible downtime of the site signal a large unveiling of new information about Angel Beats! or is it just being updated with the information already published in Dengeki G’s. It seems strange though to limit access to the site and have a simultaneous radio broadcast if it is just old news so I’m betting there will be some sort of new announcement. Of course it could just be a complete site redesign in which case I maybe overreacting due to copious amounts of Key fandom but hopefully it truely is more new information on Angel Beats!

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May 28 2009

Key’s Newest Work Angel Beats! is an Anime!


According to Dengeki G’s Magazine July issue, Key’s new project “Angel Beats!” was confirmed to be a TV anime series between Key, Aniplex and Dengeki G’s Magazine. I can’t find the words to express my excitement right now. I’m sort of relieved that Angel Beats is an anime instead of a visual novel since it means I don’t have to divide my attention between this and Rewrite. I wonder when it will actually air though and whether there will be some sort of formal connection with Rewrite. Of course what’s most important is which studio is animating Angel Beats. Although I really hope Key sticks with KyoAni it appears that it will be A-1 Pictures (Kannagi) working on this which I don’t mind.

I added a new Header to celebrate. I love Key so much.

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May 28 2009

Summer 2009 Anime Watch List


Taking a break from playing Moon. and with roughly a month left until the start of the summer anime season, I decided to comb through the new shows to compile my quarterly anime watch list. As far as I am concerned the lineup seems to be strong with plenty of variety catering to many of my interests. Now onto my list.
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May 25 2009

Lyrics: Basquash! ED free by Yamada Yuu


Basquash’s ending song is very cool and catchy. A lot of the lines get repeated multiple times so I decided to leave in the repeat symbols in the translation to keep it from looking like a mess. I wonder if the full version of the opening will be just as enjoyable. I’m still wondering when the moon idols will show up in the actual show though. (EDIT: Never mind. They appear in the eighth episode and sounds like they will be playing in the next episode)
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May 21 2009

“God” Has Returned: The Second Coming of Haruhi!


I can’t believe it’s real but the just like many sites reported the eighth episode of “The Reairing of Suzumiya Haruhi” was in fact Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody marking the official start of the long-anticipated season 2. Like everyone else I’ve been waiting for new episodes every since watching the last episode of the original. In fact I refused to read the novels to keep from spoiling myself. Thinking about it now it seems a little silly especially if we never got any new episodes until 2012 like I have joked about a few times but thankfully I was wrong.
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May 19 2009

Lyrics: Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd season OP Wonder Wind by ELISA


Wonder Wind is an interesting departure from the first season’s two openings. When I watched the first episode of 2nd season I initially wondered if it really was Hayate no Gotoku or not. However it really is a wonderful song. I’ve once again included an English translation and just in case you are wondering I used Eclipse’s translation as reference. I really should stop using “wonder” in every sentence.
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May 17 2009

Lyrics: K-ON! Insert Song Fuwa Fuwa Time by Sakurakou K-ON Bu


Fuwa Fuwa Time is terribly embarrassing if you know what the lyrics mean so I felt it was my duty to translate them to do the song justice. Enjoy~!
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May 15 2009

Umineko Main Voice Cast Finally Unveiled!


The official Umineko no Naku Koro ni anime website was updated yesterday with a substantial seiyuu announcement rounding off all 18 of the characters trapped on the isolated world of 1986 Rokkenjima. Joining the previously announced kids and the Golden Witch Beatrice herself are an additional 12 seiyuu comprising the roles of the adult Ushiromiya family members and the servants.
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May 12 2009

Lyrics: Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo ED2 espacio by Ceui


I promise I will get back to writing non-lyrics posts soon…maybe. Depending on my mood I may also do a few more songs later namely Spiral and Link (OP and ED for Asura Cryin’ respectively). Anyway I also gave my try at an English translation for this song since I’ve been obsessed with SoraKake lately for some reason that I don’t even know. Enjoy~!
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May 10 2009

Umineko Anime Music Announcements


This was actually revealed two days ago but according to the Umineko no Naku Koro ni anime website, sound talent from the original games will be used for the anime adaptation of Umineko. Shikata Akiko, singer of the theme song for the sound novels, will also lend her voice to the anime’s theme song. The single will go on sale August 19 for 1260 yen though the title has yet to be decided. In addition dai, the music director for the original works, will also be participating in the musical score. The anime will use tracks from the novels as well as new arrangements and new songs.
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