Apr 01 2012

The Ups and Downs of an Unconventional Career



As you may know a little over a year ago I became an amateur idol. However it seems like hardly any time has passed since I’ve been spending nearly everyday in pursuit of expanding my reach. While I was still in university I had to take harsh dance and vocal lessons in between my actual schoolwork. Things only got more intense after graduating. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining or anything but it was so exhausting! However my producer always stayed by my side to support and encourage me in her own…unique way.
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Mar 22 2012

Spring 2012 Anime Watch List


This is a little later than I normally like to do but I finally got around to compiling my watch list for the upcoming season. There are quite a few shows that I’ll be watching for sure with a few more I’m thinking about which as usual is more positive an outlook than many people I know. A number of shows from past seasons that I have been following are ending or have ended already so my currently watching list ends up more or less the same size. At any rate anything which has started airing already or is an OVA for something I’m already watching has been skipped.
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Feb 14 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day 2012


No matter what your current relationship status is I hope everyone will someday find happiness in some form! (I can’t believe I actually did this orz)
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Feb 04 2012

[Lyrics] Smile Precure! ED – Yay! Yay! Yay! (TV Size) [Yoshida Hitomi]

And here’s the ED. Before anyone asks, yes, I will be doing the full size versions when they are available as well as all future Smile Precure songs. Have fun! (The ED is so good!)
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Feb 04 2012

[Lyrics] Smile Precure! OP – Let’s go! Smile Precure! (TV Size) [Ikeda Aya]

Smile Precure‘s first episode just aired a few hours ago so I decided to translate the songs. Enjoy!
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Feb 01 2012

Anime Family Project: Alternative III



Every couple of years since 2008 I’ve challenged myself to write a post with the basic premise of assembling a list of characters to be in my fictional family. If you have ever watched or read Kyouran Kazoku Nikki then the idea is essentially the same. I usually try to get others to join me in my insanity and results vary anywhere between families which would be actually great to live with and be functional to random amalgamations of strangeness and hilarity. The last time I did this it was more or less a refined version of the first list. I pretty much consider the second version to be near perfect on all fronts so I wouldn’t have changed too much about it if I had to tweak it even further. Not wanting to rehash the post and just say the same things again I decided this time to start completely from scratch and not use any characters I’ve already featured previously. As such this took quite a bit longer than expected and is a couple days late but I hope you enjoy the delusional rambling I have created.
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Jan 04 2012

[Lyrics] Senki Zesshou Symphogear OP – Synchrogazer [Mizuki Nana]


Even though the anime hasn’t aired yet I decided to translate this godly song early after seeing the fantastic PV for it. Since I’m basing these lyrics on the PV and not the booklet, there are a couple spots where I am a little uncertain. As such lyrics will be updated after the single is released next week. Until then please enjoy.

EDIT: Lyrics updated to official material. Translation is also a lot better now. I shouldn’t have rushed myself orz.
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Jan 01 2012

Retrospective on 2011 and Objectives for 2012



Once again another year has passed so it’s time to reflect on the past and to think about goals for the future. It seems there have been a lot of ups and downs in the past year so the review section is quite long. With that in mind the goals section is of similar length but please do stay around until the end of this wall of text.
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Dec 27 2011

Smile Precure Story and Character Bio Translations (plus my random thoughts)


The Smile Precure websites were updated recently so I felt like translating the official character and story materials. It pretty much reconfirms the rumors and leaked info we’ve already seen but it also has some nice new tidbits. First up are translations of information from Asahi’s Smile Precure site. Pictures are omitted since the other site has better versions.
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Dec 25 2011

[Lyrics] Amagami SS Character Image Songs For You… – stories [Ayatsuji Tsukasa, Sakurai Rihoko, Tanamachi Kaoru, Nakata Sae, Nanasaki Ai, Morishima Haruka (CV: Nazuka Kaori, Shintani Ryouko, Satou Rina, Konno Hiromi, Yukana, Itou Shizuka)]


At long last it is the final entry in Twelve Days of Amagami. I’ve saved stories for last since it features the 6 main heroines singing together. With this all currently released Amagami anime songs have now been translated by me. I really hope everyone found my song translations to be helpful. It took me a while but I truly did enjoy working on these. For anyone curious, yes, I will be translating the Amagami SS+ plus songs as well when they are released. I’m also thinking of translating the Amagami game songs too so if anyone is interested please ask me! Anyway Merry Christmas to all and please look forward to more Amagami next year!
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