Oct 04 2007

CLANNAD Episode 1

**WARNING: Epically Long Post/ Pretty Pictures Ahead**
**AKA I had nothing better to do**

This has been a very busy week, so much so that I was unable to finish some art to post like I originally planned. However, there have been two things that have kept me going. The first thing is Reading Days which will be a welcome break from work and a chance for me to finish some drawings. The second and biggest thing keeping me going is CLANNAD which aired roughly 3 hours ago. I’m very pleased with it so far despite it only being the first episode.
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Sep 29 2007

CLANNAD Invitation DVD

CLANNAD Invitation 1

What’s up with the new theme? Well, it’s less than a week until CLANNAD starts airing (10月4日) and I am extremely excited. The CLANNAD Invitation DVD just came out and I have been watching it repeatedly in anticipation. The DVD contains the original TV CM which aired right after the finale of Kanon, two new promos, and the credit less opening and ending sequences. I remember crying profusely at the end of Kanon (as well as AIR). I was very surprised and slightly cheered up when after seeing the end credits for the last time, a special announcement was made that KyoAni was beginning production on CLANNAD.
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Sep 26 2007

Study Strategy

Ink Flash CardsLooks like I’ve made it to my third post of the week. I hope people actually read my previous posts since I churn out so many so quickly. Anyways, this time it looks like I’ll be talking about normal stuff (or maybe not). I don’t really have a set way of studying. For vocab, I just look at the list and memorize them and it seems to work pretty well. For chapter 2, I experimented with flash cards, but not ordinary flashcards. I own a tablet PC and one of the cool programs designed specifically for tablet PC’s is Ink Flash Cards. Basically, you write on the screen to make flashcards instead of using traditional pen and paper. I didn’t really use it much for chapter 2 though but I’ll probably make use of it more in chapter 3 and beyond since we will be learning Kanji but then again I also have a set of physical Kanji cards so I will see how it goes.
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Sep 25 2007

Lucky Star Character Songs

It seems that this blog has become a sort of journal for me in addition to its original function as a communication device. Anyways, the second set of Lucky Star Character Songs came out today (by today I mean Tuesday in Japan). I like all of the character songs but my favorite one is probably Patty-chan’s; her songs are so funny. Her two songs Cosplay no Kokoroe (こすぷれノこころえ) and Saidai Seichi Carnival (最大聖地カーニバル) are hilarious. The third track of every character’s CD is a joke track but Patty’s is the funniest to me. You can check out all the joke tracks below in the video I made:

That’s it for my temporary break. I should probably get back to studying for tomorrow’s test.

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Sep 23 2007

MGS4 at TGS ’07

For those of you who don’t know, TGS stands for the Tokyo Game Show, a convention held at the Makuhari Messe (幕張メッセ) in Chiba Prefecture showing off some of the newest games yet to be released. With the demise of E3 (under the guise of “restructuring”), TGS will undoubtedly become the most important gaming expo in the world. Seriously, I don’t even remember anything big announced at E3 this year. Anyways, TGS lasts 4 days; the first 2 days are dedicated business days while the final 2 days are open to the general public. With that said, TGS has always had a higher attendance than E3 due to the public being able to attend.
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Sep 21 2007

First Semester

Oh wow, 3 posts in a week. Maybe I like the internet too much. Anyways, since I am new to UVA and college in general, I have had to adjust to my new, independent life. For one thing, I had to figure out where to go since classes are scattered across many buildings unlike high school. I carried around a map for the first week just in case I got lost. Thankfully, I never had to pull it out and moving around Grounds has become pretty routine.
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Sep 21 2007


Because of Sato-sensei’s comment in my previous post, I have decided to start a column about ヲタク culture called ヲタクの文化(ヲタクのぶんか、otaku culture). For short, I will be calling it お多分(please forgive me for the lame joke). Before I go any further, referring to oneself as an ヲタク is not a good thing as you will find out. The main reason I refer to myself as one is because no native English word specifically distinguishes someone who is highly infatuated with Japanese animation and graphic novels. By using a Japanese loan word, it is obvious what sort of fan a person is. Geek or nerd could be used but these terms are too broad and are derogatory in English in the same way that ヲタク is in Japanese. Thankfully, English-speakers as a whole have not adopted the negative connotation when taking ヲタク from the Japanese language. Having said that, I WILL refer to hardcore アニメ/漫画 fans, American and Japanese, as ヲタク since both these populations refer to themselves as ヲタク. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sep 17 2007

Lucky Star Final Episode Fall 2007 Anime

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Sep 14 2007

My Interests

I suppose I should make a list of my interests so that everyone can get to know me (or at least my internet persona) better. As you can probably tell, I love anime/manga as well as video games. I also like Japanese dorama (although I have not watched much) and Japanese music. In addition I LOVE the internet and drawing.
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Sep 12 2007

Kanji Made Easier

For those of you using Firefox as your internet browser, I have some useful extensions for you to download. If you do not have Firefox, click the Firefox 2 button at the bottom to download it. Anyways, the extensions are rikaichan and PeraPera-kun. You only need to download one. The difference is that Perapera-kun is a modified verion of rikaichan. After you install one of the extensions, you need to install the Japanese-English Dictionary and, if you want, the Names Dictionary from the rikaichan site. When you are done with that, restart Firefox and then you will be able to use your mouse/touchpad to look up Japanese words.

Here’s a demonstration of rikaichan in action.

Try it out on my first post. If you have any problems, just post them under comments.

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