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Sep 04 2011

Fall 2011 Anime Watch List


The next season looks to be a big one with many sequels as well as new material with potential. I tried to hold back but even still I have several shows I’ll be following with at least a dozen full-length TV series and one short-episode series not to mention a handful of TV shows that …

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Aug 06 2011

[Lyrics] Fresh Precure! ED2 – H@ppy Together!!! [Hayashi Momoko]


Today’s set of lyrics are for one of my favorite Precure songs. H@ppy Together!!! is a very positive and catchy song perfect for cheering you up when you’re feeling down. Of note in the line that goes Sode suriaeba Nakayoku nareru (^^)v I had an alternate translation that went If we wear each others shoes …

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Apr 06 2011

Project Precure


[Source] I’ve always wanted to watch the Precure franchise ever since the original first aired but I never got an opportunity to since this was before I got high-speed internet. Even when I did get it, the episode count had grown to the point that it was intimidating just to think about watching it. However …

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Mar 26 2011

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 53


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