Sep 12 2007

Kanji Made Easier

For those of you using Firefox as your internet browser, I have some useful extensions for you to download. If you do not have Firefox, click the Firefox 2 button at the bottom to download it. Anyways, the extensions are rikaichan and PeraPera-kun. You only need to download one. The difference is that Perapera-kun is a modified verion of rikaichan. After you install one of the extensions, you need to install the Japanese-English Dictionary and, if you want, the Names Dictionary from the rikaichan site. When you are done with that, restart Firefox and then you will be able to use your mouse/touchpad to look up Japanese words.

Here’s a demonstration of rikaichan in action.

Try it out on my first post. If you have any problems, just post them under comments.

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