Oct 04 2007

CLANNAD Episode 1

**WARNING: Epically Long Post/ Pretty Pictures Ahead**
**AKA I had nothing better to do**

This has been a very busy week, so much so that I was unable to finish some art to post like I originally planned. However, there have been two things that have kept me going. The first thing is Reading Days which will be a welcome break from work and a chance for me to finish some drawings. The second and biggest thing keeping me going is CLANNAD which aired roughly 3 hours ago. I’m very pleased with it so far despite it only being the first episode.

One thing that I am very happy about is that I was able to piece together what was happening using the material we learned in class with some help from random words I know. It also helped watching it twice so that I could hear more details (like listening comprehension in class). So for this week’s post (only one post this week?!), I’ll type up a summary of the episode.

**End Actual School-related Content**

The opening scene has the protagonist, Tomoya, narrating a collage of his town. He hates this place and his school. We wants to forget about this place. He then runs into a girl, Nagisa, who has the opposite feelings. She is alone mumbling to herself. She loves this school very very much. She finds it to be always fun and happy. But now, something has happened (I don’t know what this something is). It’s then that Tomoya makes his presence known by assuring her that she’ll discover new things that are also wonderful. Then they head off down a cherry blossom road.


In the next scene, Tomoya finds his friend being picked on by the rugby team. He is saved by the landlady. After that there is a sequence I don’t quite understand. In it, there is a girl in an empty shack. She seems to be the one narrating. This place is her world. She is alone in this world, her world. I think that this scene would be mysterious even with a better understanding of Japanese unless you have played the game. It should be made clear at the end of the series though.

The next scene is much easier to follow. Soon after arriving at school, Tomoya is approached by the class representative. She tells him that he has a job to do (?) and he says he’ll do it tomorrow if his schedule permits AKA if he feels like it. She then takes out some playing cards, shuffles them, and ends up dropping them on the floor. Looking at the face up cards, she reads his fortune and tells him that he will have a romantic meeting with a fun girl tomorrow at school. She tell’s him it’s a maiden’s inspiration. Shortly after, a book comes hurling toward Tomoya but he dodges it. The class rep’s sister, Kyou comes storming in and tells him to keeps his hands off her sister (not very accurate translation). He counters by saying that they were just talking. She lets go and sees the cards on the floor. Tomoya tells her about the fortune and makes fun of him before leaving in a good mood.


Later he meets Nagisa (the girl from the first set of screen captures) eating some bread by herself. Tomoya tells her that it’s not good to eat alone without friends and joins in. They eat and afterwards, Nagisa asks Tomoya what he wants. He says he wants to know why she is all alone. She proceeds to tell him how much she loves school but now there is something (I still don’t understand this part). She tells him that she has no friends and he suggests that she try to make friends with some girls on the roof. However when she tries, they leave.


Soon afterward, they hear the sound of engines. Some punks are riding mopeds in the sports field and there is a girl telling them to stop. Some spectators tell Tomoya that her name is Tomoyo. The punks attack but they are quickly dispatched by Tomoyo.


CLANNAD EP01_05After witnessing that, they head back to their previous spot and formally introduce themselves to each other and leave for class. It seems that for the rest of the day, Nagisa is all Tomoya can think about. Tomoya runs into her again when she tries to enter a classroom. However, no one is there and she seems surprised. They spend some time together on the school’s lawn and she asks Tomoya why has he taken so much interest in her. Tomoya doesn’t really know either. They walk partway home together. When they are about to head off in different directions, she points out where her house is and tells him that it is a bread store (bakery?). Later on, he decides to check it out and enters the shop. He is looking at some bread when a young woman tells him to eat some “nagomi” they have (Tomoya wonder’s if she is Nagisa’s older sister or mother). I’m not sure if “nagomi” is real since she says its a Furukawa (Nagisa’s family name) concept but I am positive that it’s bread with a rice cracker center.

CLANNAD EP01_06He says that it’s not tasty and she is so shocked that she starts crying and runs out of the store. Nagisa’s father promptly shows up and he intimidates Tomoya. When he see’s that Tomoya’s uniform is from the same school as Nagisa, he asks him if he is Nagisa’s friend.

Somehow, he ends up eating dinner with Nagisa’s family. They are very happy that a friend has finally come to visit their beloved daughter. Nagisa’s mom suggests that Tomoya is Nagisa’s boyfriend. When Nagisa is done cooking, she sets up the table and her mom asks her what his name is. She tells them that it’s Okazaki Tomoya. Nagisa’s dad dislikes it and suggests the name Okazaki Ginga instead. Nagisa’s mom thinks it is good but Tomoya disagrees and restates his name. Nagisa’s mom then suggests the name Okazaki Tomoya Eternal and Nagisa’s father agrees to Tomoya’s dismay.

After dinner, Nagisa sees Tomoya off and he in English says “thank you.” He arrives home to find the room dark and the TV on. He turns on the lights only to see his father in the corner and trash all over the place. He rushes out in anger/sadness and runs back to the bread store. Apparently (if I understand correctly), his father took up alcohol and quit his job after Tomoya’s mother died. When he arrives, he finds Nagisa outside (waiting for him?).


And that’s it for my attempt to translate the first episode of CLANNAD. I cannot wait until the next episode airs next week when Fuuko and Kotomi will be introduced. The only thing that I would have preferred would have been to watch it in wide screen HD but those don’t air on BS-i until 8 days after the standard definition on TBS.

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  1. クイエン

    That’s a lot of pictures!
    Hmm, so many people including you like Kanon. One of my friends recommended me to watch it. I think I will start watching it during this break.

  2. Tikayeliss

    Well I must congratulate you on crashing the lab computers while they attempted to load your blog. Aside from that… Clannad looks decent enough so far, but it’s not very impacting compared to some others this season. Ending of Myself; Yourself for example, or even Majin Tantei.

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