Nov 06 2007

New Blog Features

Although I have been steadily rolling out new additions to my blog, I have not really made any posts about them except when I introduced my two-column layout. So today, I am going to write about these new features (AKA I am taking a break before studying for my ASTR124 exam).

The first thing I added was a system of rotating banners which change every time the page is loaded. You can see them change by pressing “f5” or “refresh.” Currently there are a total of 28 banners and I am planning to add more later on. If you’re not afraid of editing HTML, you can learn how to add rotating banners to your blog here.

Alice Embarrassed

The second thing I changed was my favicon, the little icon you see in tabs, bookmarks and favorites. You can change your favicon from the blogger icon to one of your choice here. Mine is Alice Margatroid, one of my favorite characters from 東方.

The third item is a new gadget called BOX.net widget which you can get here. It’s a little gadget that let’s you upload files for you to share with others. It will probably replace some of the videos that I have been using for music. The first 2 songs are the Japanese and English versions of the song euphoric field by ELISA which is the opening song to the anime ef – a tale of memories.. If you like the music or would like to request something, please tell me by making a comment in my Cbox. More on that later.

Fourth is a small flash called 【ミク時計】 featuring Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) from Vocaloid 2, a voice synthesizer for music which has become enormously popular among otaku since it’s release. Expect me to make a more detailed post about it later. Anyways, click Miku to have her tell you the time or click on the musical note to have her sing Hatsune Miku no Uta (初音ミクのうた).

My last addition to this blog is a Cbox which is basically a little tagboard to leave messages and comments on. Please leave comments regarding my music and non-post specific stuff/general stuff here.

So, am I taking my blog way too seriously?

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