Dec 01 2007

Danketsu iM@S ALL STARS

iM@S GirlsAs I have mentioned in a previous post, I am BIG iM@S fan. Last year as part of a poetry project, I made a video using the footage for the iM@S song Watashi ha Idol while recording my voice and reading a poem to the tune of the song. The second part of the project consisted of scenes from Kanon while I recited my own original poem about Kanon to the song Last regrets X-mas floor style.

Anyways, back to my original topic. I spent a good amount of the free time I still have searching for iM@S stuff on Nico Nico Douga which in simplistic terms is Japan’s rival to YouTube. I prefer Nico Nico over YouTube because most of the content appeals to the otaku demographic. It also allows videos longer than 10 minutes and files larger than 100MB unlike YouTube. Nico Nico’s biggest feature is the ability to overlay comments which scroll across the videos while you watch. The number of users has grown rapidly and it has even won the Good Design Award 2007 in the communication design category. You have to first register to view videos but its fairly easy and is worth it if you are close to my power-level:

iM@S Revoltech FrauleinAnother thing I discovered was that the new Revoltech Fraulein series will soon feature a line up of iM@S figures. The special thing about Revoltechs is that they are jointed and amazingly articulable. They come in at 150 mm in height and should be priced at ~2000円 a piece. You better believe that I want a complete collection with all 11 girls but the ones I want the most are Amami Haruka, Minase Iori, and the twins Futami Ami & Mami. If you don’t know who any of the girls are, you can check out the picture at the very top of the post. Below, you can see the amazing craftsmanship put into the Fraulein base figure:

Revoltech Fraulein E.L.F.5

Now there are 2 questions left for me: First, since getting all those iM@S figures will take up a lot of space, will I need to get a new curio for my figures? Second, should I also get a Japanese XBox 360 and a copy of THEiDOLM@STER: Live For You coming out next year on February 28? Decisions, decisions…

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