Dec 08 2007

Semester in Review

I know this is kind of late so please forgive me. This semester in JAPN 101 has been pretty good overall but now it’s the end. In the beginning, I wasn’t even officially in this class for about a week and a half until someone dropped out and I took their spot. Thank goodness or else I wouldn’t have made the friends I have now. Of course I would not have been able to learn Japanese like I have been attempting to since I left Japan either but that was a given.

Kotomi ShakingThe class was a lot more intense than I thought it would be. There was a good amount of homework but it was still manageable. My biggest challenge is speaking. I think I am proficient in terms of pronunciation but I simply don’t like talking too much in any of the languages I know. I am pretty shy and I get nervous pretty easily so I turn into jelly when I actually attempt to say something. You better believe I WAS TERRIFIED during the entirety of the oral interview. I must have looked like a complete idiot from start to finish. According to a witness, I “made a face” walking out of the office. Thankfully, it’s not as bad when I am talking to friends but even then my speech (including English) gets…weird.

Anyways, I can’t wait for the next semester (though I probably won’t be thinking that over break). Hopefully, I will be able to talk more proficiently. I also hope we keep this Blog Project going. I found it incredibly enjoyable as you can tell by the shear number of posts I have made. Even if we don’t, I will keep Lyrical Spark! going the foreseeable future so expect more entries about stuff you have never heard of. Also, good luck on everyone’s finals!

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  1. Ellen

    Haha..I wasn’t in the 10 o’clock section for a while in the beginning of the year. But, as you said after people started to drop out, I got a spot.
    Japanese this semester was definitely difficult, but fun at the same time.
    I’ll probaby see you on exam day.. or I mean night. But, all the same, I hope you have a great break.

  2. NagazuminoRuuku

    It was fun working with you on the skit. Good luck on your exam and I hope we’re in the same section next semester. I’m sure we’ll be doing skits again so we can work together again. Maybe next semester I can join you guys in your study sessions. Jyaa mata

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