Dec 13 2007

AIR Movie: AKA Toei Fails Hard

Despite being a huge KEY fan, I have not watched the AIR movie until just now. I knew I would be disappointed watching it after the fantastic TV version by KyoAni, so I resisted watching it for almost 3 years now. Since the CLANNAD Movie will be released on DVD pretty soon, I finally gave in and discovered how much Toei Animation fails at adapting KEY’s work. Toei took everything that made AIR magnificent and replaced it with terrible art/animation, horrific musical rearranges, a simplified and clichéd plot, and flat and just plain wrong characterizations. If you want to avoid my long rant/avoid spoilers, stop reading here and take my advice that AIR TV is made of WIN and AIR Movie fails hard.

(I’ll explain in detail why I hate the AIR Movie once I regain my ability to think clearly)

*edit: It’s not worth my time and effort to explain why it was so awful*

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