Dec 28 2007

Comiket 73

Comic Market CatalogAlong with the end of the fall season, winter also brings one of my favorite events of the year. That is of course Comic Market better known as Comike. Comike 73 should be starting in a couple of hours from now so I’ll be watching the intertubes for tons of goodies. Like every other Comike in the past, I have neglected to look at the catalog so everything I find will be a surprise. The biggest thing I will be looking forward to are various Touhou doujin products such as Touhou Kasokusouchi.

Assuming I end up doing Study Abroad, the biggest thing I want to to is to go to the Tokyo Big Site to attend Comike and get my hands on some merchandise. Hopefully, all I have to do is wait 2 more years.

Tokyo Big Sight

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