Jan 01 2008


Kotomi 「Welcome home.」Alright, the first post of 2008. Of course, I have to make it about something KEY-related since my obsession with KEY is going insane especially with the “unofficial” release of the CLANNAD English translation. I played a little bit of it but my computer ended up crashing so I’ll probably have to wait until the “official” patch is out. Anyways, while checking for updates on CLANNAD’s translation, I found out that a full voice version of the PC game will be coming out on February 29. There is a voice patch that adds voice to the PC game using the audio files from the PS2 version but there are some differences between those versions. The official FULL VOICE game should correct those discrepancies and will hopefully have some extra goodies packaged in. Looks like I found my birthday present for this year.

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