Jan 08 2008

KEY Visual Fan Books

KEY Visual Fan Books

Being the KEY worshiper that I am, I decided to use my Christmas money to order some of their art books. The ones I got were:

I just got these today around 1:00 P.M. today but I could have had them 27 hours earlier. Yesterday, I didn’t hear the door bell because I was watching Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo. Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal since the mail carriers usually leave the packages in front of my door but FedEx decided to take it back to their facility.

Anyways, these books were well worth it. The first two have promotional art and character art for the TV series as well as episode guides and interviews. The latter two have CG’s from the games and extras such as original sketches and interviews. I only took pictures of Little Busters! since it is the newest one only having been released last month. Also, I won’t scan them since I don’t want to damage the books and besides, my scanner is still in my dorm. I’ll keep my descriptions short and let my pictures do most of the talking:

Little Busters! Perfect Visual Book Front
The Little Busters! Perfect Visual Book is hard-bound and comes with a slip cover and two pencil boards.

Little Busters! Perfect Visual Book Back
The back of said items.

Little Busters! 2007 Calender Jan.- Apr.
Illustrations for the Little Busters! 2007 Calender. January/February features Rin while March/April has Haruka.

Little Busters! 2007 Calender May- Aug.
May/June is represented by Mio while July/August shows off Yuiko.

Little Busters! 2007 Calender Sept.- Dec.
September/October brings us a Halloween-themed Kudryavka and Komari’s holiday-spirit sets us up for November/December.

Art Gallery Kudryavka
Illustrations of Kudryavka originally featured in Dengeki G’s magazine June 2006 and January 2007.

Art Gallery Mio
Illustrations of Mio originally featured in Dengeki G’s magazine August 2006 and March 2007.

Art Gallery Kudryavka vs Yuiko
Illustrations of Kudryavka and Yuiko originally featured in Dengeki G’s Festival! Vol.9. Who do you prefer, Kudryavka(B69W51H72cm) or Yuiko(B90W60H89cm)?

Character Collection Kudryavka
Character Collection Kudryavka.

Kuu-chan's Memo
Kuu-chan’s Memo.

Character Collection Mio
Character Collection Mio.

Miocchi's Memo
Miocchi’s Memo.

Character Collection Kanata
Character Collection Kanata.

Character Collection Sasami
Character Collection Sasami. Both Kanata and Sasami will get their own routes in the adults-only remake Little Busters! Ecstasy.

Story Digest Kudryavka Phase I
Story Digest Kudryavka Phase I.

Story Digest Kudryavka Phase II
Story Digest Kudryavka Phase II.

Story Digest Kudryavka Phase III
Story Digest Kudryavka Phase III.

Story Digest Mio Phase I
Story Digest Mio Phase I.

Story Digest Mio Phase II
Story Digest Mio Phase II.

Story Digest Mio Phase III
Story Digest Mio Phase III.

Mission Complete!
Mission Complete! You should be able to guess my 2 favorite girls by now.

Capture Kudryavka
Little Busters! Perfect Visual Book has a section called Capture. Basically it’s a guide for unlocking various things AKA CG’s.

Little Busters! Interview
An interview with some of the staff of Little Busters!

Little Busters! NovelShort original story for the Visual Book.

Little Busters! Sketches
Original Little Busters! sketches by the two art directers, Hinoue Itaru and Na-Ga.

Little Busters! Songs Collection
The Visual Book also has sheet music and lyrics for 5 of the songs, Little Busters!, Haruka Kanata, Alicemagic, Amenochi Hare, and Song for friends.

I really hope someone will start translating Little Busters! soon. Hopefully, KyoAni will also animate it eventually along with a planetarian movie or OVA series and possibly a Tomoyo After series. Oh well, I still have 12 more episodes of CLANNAD to enjoy. (I wrote this paragraph just because I wanted to mention all 6 KEY properties in one post.)

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