Jan 17 2008

50th Post: My Birthday

It seems kind of weird to me but I’ve already made it to my fiftieth post on リリカル☆スパーク! Not bad for something I started as homework for my Japanese 101 class (and continuing on for 102). The big 50 also coincides with my birthday. That’s right, today I am a 19 year old otaku who has managed to NOT become a Hikikomori nor a NEET.

Being at college and without a source of income, I didn’t get anything, not that I wanted or needed anything in the first place. But if I could have anything for my birthday, what would it be? Thinking about this question seriously and dismissing outrageous ideas (i.e. conquering the world), I have come up with a list of gifts for that certain otaku who picks up more anime than he can watch.

The first item on my list is an itasha (literally pain car) or more accurately, decals/stickers and other accessories to transform my car or any future vehicles I will own into power level-raising otaku machines. Stickers are relatively cheap and can be ordered from Palec at the cost of 14000円 per 500mm x 500mm sheet. I would love to see me driving around UVA in a car decked out with all the Touhou characters or all the Key girls.

AIR Itasha


Noumi Itasha


Nanoha Itasha


Second on my list is a set of dakimakura (hugging pillows) and cushion covers. They would be perfect for otaku break time.

Delicious Armpits!

DFC, ze!

lol Yuyuko-sama


Next up is an Ultra-Mobile PC. When they were first announced, I was skeptical because of their limited capabilities. However, I have realized that they would be the perfect platform for playing visual novels on the go. Who wouldn’t want to take it to work and get PROOOOOMOTIONS!

Ultra-Mobile CLANNAD

Lastly and most importantly, my number one perfect birthday gift is…

Minami Sisters

A CUTE LITTLE SISTER(S). Okay, this one might not be very realistic but I can still dream.

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  1. Aya Kyunik


    Sorry that I’m really late…

    Happy 50th post and Birthday~ :3

    A nice list of wants there, I have about 1-3 of those…I say about because my itasha is a virtual one…and my little step-sister prolly isn’t cute (havn’t seen her in years), but I do own a hug pillow 😀

    Anyway, congrats again, your blog is a great experience for me since I actually have to read and try to understand the Japanese (I only did a few years of it in high school).

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