Jan 22 2008

Yandere CD

Yandere CD

The other day, I got my hand on an interesting CD that reminded me of the Mousou Voice CD’s (妄想ボイスCD). Even though it’s by a different label, EDGE RECORDS, it carries the same wacky appeal of the Mousou line; that is seiyuu reading lines that will make otaku melt.

The CD I am talking about is the Yandere CD (ヤンデレの女の子に死ぬほど愛されて眠れないCD) which was released on the eleventh this month. For those of you who may not know, yandere refers to a personality that is extremely loving at first but becomes brutally psychotic. One good example would be Kotonoha from Nice Boat School Days. You can watch a sample video at the official website. If you want to hear more, you can download the Yandere CD below and if you like it enough, buy it here:

Below you can listen to 2 sample tracks from the Mousou Voice CD’s. Kozakura Ume comes from the Kokuhaku (告白, confession) CD. I don’t know why but hearing a tomboy say “ore” and “ze” is hot. The second one, Sakuragawa Himeko, is from the Oshikari CD (おしかり, scolding). Tsundere fans will really like this CD. I used the Oshikari CD for my alarm for quite a while since apparently hearing cute Japanese girls yell at me is a pretty effective form of motivation to wake up. Of course, the occasional loli helps too.

For those who downloaded the Yandere CD, did you guys find it arousing or just plain creepy? My vote is for the former but then again as a friend has told me, “You like everything!”

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  1. Aya Kyunik


    I’ve seen these around but I didn’t know there was a yandere version. Yanderekko do give me a huge grin but I guess I wouldn’t want to be ont he recieving end…

    Arousing? I prolly wouldn’t be far off either XD

  2. Ty

    Me and my friends like it!!!!!! Please Make some more. :)

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