Feb 04 2008

Anime Family Project

古河 渚

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you probably know about my recent post where I created my ideal anime family. Well, it seems to have created a stir with some of my friends so I have decided to see how many other bloggers I can get to make their own kazoku. I encourage everyone to try coming up with a list. It’s well worth it and you may discover some interesting choices along the way. Please contact me by e-mailing me or commenting so that I can add your list to this post.


  • Format:
    -“insert relationship here i.e. Onee-san”: “Choice (series)”
    -Honorable Mentions: “Runner-up Choices (series)”
    -Rationale: “explanation goes here”
  • Family can be of any size you want. Default family members are as follows:
    -Otou-san お父さん
    -Okaa-san お母さん
    -Onee-san お姉さん
    -Onii-san お兄さん
    -Imouto 妹
    -Otouto 弟
    -Waifu (自分の)奥さん
    -Musume (自分の)娘
    -Musuko (自分の)息子
  • Character limitations: Anime, Manga, and Game characters are all eligible
  • Selection Criteria: Whatever you want
  • Contact

List of Kazoku:

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  1. GTB


    将来に日本のヲタクのブロガーもアニメ家族をつくる? それはクールだね。

  2. Mirosuke

    Haha, thats a cool idea.
    Do u mind if u put my family with those others links? 😉
    I’ll make one too!

    Mirosuke´s last blog post..[Comic Strip] Vocaloid – Hypnotizer

  3. Mirosuke

    Well, even this is so old ._. i like it 😛

    Mirosuke´s last blog post..[Comic Strip] Vocaloid – Hypnotizer

  4. Honya

    When your finished just post back here with a link to your list and I’ll put it with the rest. Please link back here too in your post and tell everyone about it so we can see even more families.

  5. Mirosuke

    Oh, i have a silly question: WHat does Waifu means? Wife? o_O?

    Mirosuke´s last blog post..My Personality – Mirosuke

  6. Honya

    Yes, it’s wife.

  7. Mirosuke

    Onee-san, i finished my Anime Family ^_^.
    Here is the link: http://bnohimitsu.wordpress.com/2009/04/20/anime-family-project-mirosuke-version/

    Mirosuke´s last blog post..Anime Family Project – Mirosuke Version

  8. Honya

    Thank you very much! Added your family to my list. Actually I’ll be posting an updated family for myself in a week or two so look forward to it!

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