Feb 11 2008

Spring 2008 Anime Preliminary Choices

It looks like pKjd at moetron ☆萌えトロン has already compiled a list of this spring’s new anime. Looking at the list, I don’t recognize that many series at all so some of my picks are quite arbitrary (i.e art looks nice). This is more a list to help me keep track of these series before actually deciding to watch them. It also keeps me from clogging MyAnimeList before finalizing what I will and will not watch.

Definitely Will Watch:

This extremely short list consists of the 2 shows that I actually know the most about. Everyone knows about Geass so I won’t explain why I am looking forward to it (insert Geass joke here). Naisho no Tsubomi is probably the best surprise on the list as far as I am concerned. For those of you who don’t know, it was originally a shoujo manga with the purpose of teaching little girls SEX EDUCATION. It depicts Naisho, a FIFTH GRADER, dealing with her mother’s pregnancy, her first period, and the new feelings she is developing towards boys (insert self deprecating sarcastic remark here).

Probably Will Watch:

For this list, I don’t have much to say since the only one I know anything about is To Love-Ru. All I can say about these is that I like the art, especially Vampire Knight’s, and that I need some bishoujo shows to watch.

Might Watch:

I have even less to say about this list other than they looked somewhat interesting and I want to keep a tab on them so that I won’t forget.


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  1. GTB

    MACROSS FRONTIERを見ませんか。MACROSSはふるいアニメですが、とてもいいです。中学の時に私はMACROSSが大好きでした。今、好きです。

    GEASS! チョウウレシイよ。今、GEASSは一番よくて、とてもたのしいアニメですよ。


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