Mar 04 2008


So this is not one of my usual posts and it barely has anything to do with anime but I thought it would be a somewhat interesting read. However, don’t expect an amazingly well done piece of literature. Last night, I had a hard time falling asleep because I was in deep thought thinking about ideas for The Imperium Project. When I did fall asleep, I woke up a few hours later, got some apple juice and went back to sleep to find one of the few memorable dreams I have had in quite a while.

I don’t quite remember how the beginning of it started but I somehow found myself in the cockpit piloting some space-flight capable fighter. In order to escape from a pursuing fighter, I had just performed an ftl-jump and found myself near the surface of an unknown planet but unfortunately, I was followed. The point I had jumped to was in the middle of a heavily wooded forest and by the looks of it, it was during the transitional period to fall given the brilliant reds and oranges. Despite the dense foliage, I was not able to shake off the pursuer before emerging to find myself on the middle of a large lake. I decided that the only way to escape was to double back into the forested island and hop between the forested patches to reach the perimeter of the lake. Pushing the engines to their maximum thresholds, I made it without being followed.

I don’t know what happened to my aircraft but I suspect that I left it after my hard crash landing or had it stored in some form of subspace pocket. Anyways, either way I was stuck on this planet for the time being and had to keep moving. Before long however, I was exhausted from the injuries I had sustained and hurriedly looked for a place to hide in and rest. I kept on thinking to myself, “Why did I have to be so cheap and not buy any telepipes (think Phantasy Star Online)?”

At this moment, I enter a flashback sequence and find myself in some weird, black-market looking place. The lights are dim and this strange shade of red or orange with a few smaller green and blue fixtures. There are weapons dealers, survival equipment peddlers and even a seedy looking Ramen shop. Sadly, I don’t know the significance of this scene. I am suddenly brought back to “reality” when I hear the footsteps and talking of about 3 men heading my way. I dig myself as deeply as I can into my tiny grotto as stay completely silent. I don’t remember exactly what they said but I get the impression that it greatly frightened me.

One of the men, trying maybe to rest a little bit, leaned into the grotto and his hand touched my chest (I should clarify at this point that in my dream, I am a girl). After a few pokes, the men figure out was going on and captured me. They try to silence me by comforting me and saying that they are here to save me but they are unable to hide the insincerity in their voices. While they talk to me I formulate several plans of escape.

What happens next is a little fuzzy but I am assuming that it either transitioned into another dream, one of my plans worked and I escaped, or I was captured and trying to flee from the enemy encampment. No matter what the actual circumstances were, I was running around some facility that was a strange anime-inspired remake of the familiar UVA buildings I am so used to.

After running around outside for a while, I come to a building (probably based off of Newcomb Hall) and somehow come up with the idea to infiltrate it. I go in and sneak around Metal Gear-style avoiding, if I remember correctly, a bunch of school girls walking around in cute pajamas. I make it to an important looking room and enter it only to find this large, girly bed adorned with frills and laces everywhere. The door closes and I quickly turn around to find before my eyes Nao HiME version. I am frozen in terror and all I can think of is how spider girl will kill me and take my cell phone. All of a sudden, time slows down and a Visual Novel decision screen pops up. I don’t know what the other option was but it surely could not have been worse than “Hug Her.” As she came within touching distance, I embraced her with all my heart. To my surprise she wrapped her hands around me and began saying sweet words to me. I really wish I could remember Nao’s exact words.

Nao Yuuki and Julia

Immediately after that amazing scene, I woke up and said something along the lines of “lol wut?” So what was the point of sharing that goofy story? Aside from the awesome ending, I thought that I could somehow incorporate this into one of Sofiya’s subplots. Changes would have to be made of course because of her thought processes and I would have to cut the “lol plot twist” ending. It also at least makes me look like I am doing some substantial work while getting the rest of my drawings done. I wonder what Zanaikin will think of this.

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  1. Zanaikin

    Very interesting dream I must say. But if you intend to we could definitely work it in (with some slight problems, including me failing to see how Sofiya can drive a starfighter without crashing it lol). Although she is a superior nav so having a scouting vessel (corvette or frigate class) might make more sense =p. I’m technically a fan of using light cruisers for that but, that would involve far more personnel than this dream/idea of yours.

    The one event I thought of right away (while in the midst of reading) that takes place in the project storyline is that the high magic planet Penthiae is a world that the Imperials came across by pure chance. I’ve written several versions of this ‘chance encounter’, none of which have managed to gain my satisfaction <_<. With a little work this could definitely be molded into that event.

    After crash, the transponder clicks, and the Imperials back on the fleet base will know the need for an immediate rescue mission, preferably bringing a Star Cruiser along.

    I do have to say Sofiya’s design gives me the impression she does not operate well by herself in a hostile environment, which also means incorporating this idea would put her in the damsel-in-distress role a second time xD.

  2. Zanaikin

    btw, you seriously need to log on AIM more during break =P

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