Mar 19 2008

Wednesday’s Mix Class

As anyone who has been following my game-dev project status can guess, I have been particularly busy this week with my deadline last Sunday and my upcoming one this Sunday. Because of that and the fact that I already have my speech draft in Japanese, this week’s Japanese class post will be in English.

Many people in my regular 10AM section including myself could not make it into other class sections because of scheduling conflicts so today was in many ways just like usual. There were a total of 10 of us, 8 of which are always in this section. Out of the other 2 people, I already knew Smith because she was in 10AM last semester so there really was only one new face. I guess the only real difference was that our class was noticeably smaller so all of us had more opportunities to talk.

Today’s kaiwa session seemed easier than normal for some reason. I’m not sure why but it could be because the actual dialogue was much simpler allowing us the make up our own, expanded versions with relative ease. I know my version included Takeshi having no friends so he was not going to do anything over winter break. One thing I said that Kawai-sensei seemed to like was the addition of omiyage in “Omiyage! Wah, arigatou!” when she told us to include more Aidzuchi in our speech so we took turns repeating my phrase which was interesting given the different variations in which people repeated it. Maybe it also helped that I was sleepier than normal so I wasn’t able to get as nervous as would usually.

Overall, I think that the idea of switching classes is an interesting one although it didn’t work out for our section as the sensei had intended. Maybe it would work better during a different day of the week. I think an interesting way to do this would be to have a “Japanese class dinner” at Shea House and have all the 100-level students come together and talk. This would be a little difficult to plan and hard to enforce but I think it would be an interesting way to get to know everybody including the Sensei.

And to make this post more exciting, here is an amazing Higurashi MAD (don’t watch if you haven’t watched Higurashi and Higurashi Kai and just listen to the song):

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  1. Kappa

    A dinner at Shea, or even somewhere else, as a whole class would be amazing, but I don’t know how it would work out. Maybe if we even just tried to plan one ourselves and invite the other sections might work better? But then, I don’t think that the Sushi place downtown is big enough for all of us.

    We did a Spanish class dinner when I was in highschool on the weekend, and it actually worked out pretty well. It was fun and different, far more relaxed than you would think it to be.

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