May 03 2008

Kanokon, Episode 04

I’m getting around to this episode a little late – in fact, Kanokon’s latest episode has already aired in Japan as I write this – but it took a while for Ayako to release fansubbed torrent links, and then some final exams hit me.

Seriously. I know you think I was being lazy, but college can be pretty harsh sometimes. It was totally out of my control. Besides, ecchi is just as good a few days later as it is fresh from Japan! So let’s cut to the chase.

This episode opens up with yet another attempted rape scene, this time with Chizuru riding Kouta in the gym storehouse while she complains about the vaulting horse. I’ll never get tired of these scenes – but of course, Nozomu has to join in the action, which totally ruins the mood.

Anyway, Chizuru wants to try another scheme to get rid of Nozomu, so she goes to her brother for advice. He jokingly suggests that she use a love potion, which Chizuru finds to be a fantastic idea! She and Tayura sneak into a room sealed off by magic wards in a forgotten part of the school, where Chizuru discovers something amazing:

And herein is the setup for the rest of the episode. When Chizuru puts the bunny suit on, it starts mysteriously glowing red – and suddenly, she discovers that she can’t take it off!

As much as everyone loves bunny suits, this is, in fact, a problem. This particular one is actually a cursed item, and as no one really knows how to remove the curse, Chizuru may be stuck as a bunny girl for life! Wait, that’s not really a problem at all, but there’s the other thing where the suit begins to drain Chizuru’s vitality in order to revive its creator, a wasp-spider demon. So yeah, as great as Chizuru looks in a bunny suit, this really isn’t such a good deal.

Asahina, Kouta’s tsundere classmate, tries to fix the situation by using scissors to cut Chizuru out of the suit, but in doing this she triggers a backlash of magic that gets her stuck wearing a nurse costume – one that somehow forces her to make indecent poses! Hey now!

Next, Chizuru’s bunny suit starts glowing red, and under the influence of some sort of evil energy Chizuru levitates out into the hall, magically transforming the clothes of everyone she passes into some sort of fetish uniform. When Tayura, Kouta, and Nozomu finally catch up to Chizuru, they find maids, race queens, China dresses, nuns, police girls, and more! On top of that, Chizuru’s bunny suit has sprouted a creepy pair of lips that are very DO NOT WANT, and is talking about taking over Chizuru’s body and seducing all the men in the world.

Tayura and Kouta move to stop this, but are helpless against the deluge of costumed fanservice that is turned against them – and Nozomu decides that she would rather wear maid costumes and rape Kouta than help everyone out. Stupid wolf.

In the end, Kouta somehow manages to escape from all the mess and catch up to Chizuru just as she’s about to submit to the wasp-spider demon that’s possessing her. He kisses her so they can gattai! like they did in the first episode, and with their love-powered foxflame, they burn the evil clothes into nothingness. Everything is tied up nicely after that, although there’s a hilarious scene with the counselors giving new school uniforms to everyone after all the mess. You’ll have to see it for yourself.

Kanokon seems to take a different kind of ecchi to the limit every week, and this week it was definitely uniform fetish. If there’s ever been another anime that’s crammed this much costumed fanservice into one episode, I haven’t heard of it! My only complaint is that only Nozomu gets to wear a maid outfit – maids are my absolute favorite, and I would have loved to see Chizuru wearing a costume like that, too. But honestly, I’ll keep watching Kanokon as long as it continues to deliver its special brand of logic-defying ecchi, because that’s all I really want.

A few more screencaps for your viewing pleasure:

While we’re at it, I think Chizuru is beginning to climb the ranks of my favorite anime girls ever…

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  1. Anon

    Lol, awesome. Ecchi is an amazing thing.
    I wonder how it is possible that something this awesome could exist?
    And how on God’s earth can they put so much fanservice in that? XD
    It’s a miracle! @o@ lol

    Nice post anyway, I think I might check this thing out ^u^

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