May 14 2008

Teatime with my Tablet PC

Hey Zeroblade, here’s the Suiseiseki poster I promised to show you:

Suiseiseki Rasterized Poster

Anyways, it has been a week since I made my last post so be prepared for a somewhat long post.

I had planned to post Friday after I finished packing my things and while waiting for my drive home. Unfortunately while packing, I learned firsthand that my tablet unlike me has distaste for tea. Determined not to repeat a similar incident that happened to a friend a few weeks back, I immediately flipped by tablet over in order to drain the spilt tea. I was able to save my tablet from caffeine poisoning but my keyboard didn’t fare so well. I cleaned it up as much as I could without removing any parts but I would have to wait until I got home to clean it properly; there was no way I would be careless and accidentally leave an important part in my dorm.

I got home around midnight and unloaded my computer equipment while I left everything else for Saturday. In the morning I spent a few hours unpacking the rest of my belongings and putting everything in their proper places. The afternoon as well as a good chunk of Sunday was spent removing the keys from my keyboard. After I had popped off the keys, I detached the keyboard itself and although it was sticky as anything, the motherboard underneath seemed to have suffered no damage. This kept me in a good mood for the hours I spent cleaning every single key one by one. Now that my laptop is back in working condition, everything seems to be fine except a few slightly wonky keys. They aren’t sticky but they make a weird sound when clicked but it’s not enough of a nuisance to prompt me to clean them again.

Fumika drawn by Tatsukichi from Breezeway (http://bway.sakura.ne.jp/)Although the first few days of summer vacation started off a little rough, I am enjoying being back at my own home. As much as a love my tablet, watching anime on my home setup is much more satisfying and comfy. I spent Tuesday finishing up Shigofumi, which skyrocketed to my favorite anime list, in one sitting, something that would have been uncomfortable in my dorm’s chair. In addition to just being much more powerful than my tablet, my desktop has more storage space which will help since I will have a whole summer of anime catch-up. I still have to reorganize my data and delete some things but I should have a lot of room especially after my new ASUS DVD burner arrives so I can start burning DVDs again.

Mikoto sitting with iDOLM@STER: Live For You!

    Anyways, the rough plan for my summer looks like this:

  • Finish and rollout my Touhou theme for Lyrical Spark!
  • Expand content and increase traffic to Lyrical Spark! (tips please)
  • Get work done on the Imperium Project
  • Learn Autodesk Maya
  • Get a job and make monies
  • Use said monies to buy a Jp Xbox360, an iM@S 360 faceplate, iM@S CD/DVDs, and various figures and other merchandise
  • Possibly go on my first con trip to Otakon exclusively to see JAM Project. I wanted to go last year but my lack of transportation killed it and I wasn’t able to see Noto Mamiko and get her autograph ;_;

Hopefully this summer I will actually be able to accomplish my goals instead of perpetually increasing my anime-related backlog.

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  1. Zeroblade

    One of these days, I’m going to make a huge poster of Reverie >:3

    And while it does feel nice to live by yourself in a dorm or something, your home really is the best place to live in.

  2. Citrus

    Glad to hear things are going all right, and that you managed to save your computer. I’ve been lazy and have barely even unpacked anything, so I can’t express that same kind of satisfaction.

    I’m having much less fun at home. My laptop is more powerful than any desktop in my house, and I don’t even have high-speed Internet anymore. I haven’t been online in a while because dial-up makes Internet use a chore instead of a pastime.

    I’m working on getting a job, though, and if I find a way to get back into blogging I’d like to work with you on a Geass layout for Taishou. There’s other stuff that I want to talk to you about, but I’ll probably just call you sometime.

  3. Rin

    Real nice but it scares the living hell out of me.
    I do love the Mai-Otome cat plushie!!!!!!
    I want!!!
    I so want to play Idolmaster for the 360!!!!!!! To bad my 360 can’t play it…

    Rins last blog post..Toronto Day 3

  4. Honya

    @Zeroblade: A giant Reverie would be pretty awesome.

    @Citrus: Glad I don’t have to deal with dial-up back home. Blogging is kind of hard for me though despite having more free time since I am suffering from writer’s block and anime marathon poisoning.

    @Rin: Nice to know I have another reader! I really love my Mikoto plushie. It’s probably my second favorite one I own. I wish I could play L4U now but I haven’t ordered my Japanese 360 yet or the original iM@S and Ace Combat 6.

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