May 25 2008

I Love You SWR


but I hate your last spell card dragon loli.

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  1. Zeroblade

    Awesome art, I must say.

  2. Citrus

    You need to quit playing Touhou and call me sometime. I’ve got things to discuss with you.

  3. Rin

    Got too many friends playing Touhou…till it gets too annoying…
    Obession can go so far…till people are scared…

    Rins last blog post..My Room…after Anime North…must clean…

  4. Honya

    @Zeroblade: TasoFro has some pretty art not to say I dislike ZUN’s QUALITY art-style.

    @Citrus: At least I finally intercepted your call this time.

    @Rin: Touhou obsession can get pretty scary alright.

  5. Snacks

    Tenshi’s beamspam is epic hax. D:

    Snackss last blog post..Moe Monday – Hiro Suzuhira

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