Jun 03 2008

lol I’m on AnimeBlogger.net Antenna

Hikari Draft 2I didn’t realize until about a week ago that I was on AnimeBlogger.net Antenna so Welcome Everybody who has come to visit my little site. It wasn’t a complete surprise since I did submit my feed to Antenna but I thought I was not accepted. Anyways, I’m glad to be a part of the larger anime blogger community and will try my best to provide engaging content for my new readers as well as my loyal supporters.

That said, I still have past responsibilities to keep so the rest of the post will be devoted to The Imperium Project, a game development project at the University of Virginia. For those new to Lyrical Spark!, my prior work on the game can be found here. Technically this was due Sunday but I didn’t want to post it without any new art so I waited a couple of days. Once everyone is caught up, let’s get started!

First off, I want to talk a little bit about Hikari’s second draft. Much of her design remains unchanged (check here for comparison). However, the lower half of her uniform was altered significantly. She now sports a short inner skirt instead of shorts and the lower half of the jacket became a long, outer skirt. Overall, I think I fixed the nagging “unfinished” look that was bothering me for a while.

Next up is the CG allocation. This is a pretty dry subject and is mainly for internal development so I will keep it rather short. During our weekly meeting Friday, team leader Zanaikin and I created an outline of all the CG’s we will need for the game which is summarized below:

  • Main Storyline Event CG: ~10-12 covered over 3 arcs
  • Heroine Path Event CG: ~5 per path (~15 total)
  • Main Character CG: ~2-3 poses, ~7-10 faces each (9 Mains)
  • Minor Character CG: ~1-2 poses, ~4-6 faces each (10 Minors)
  • Template Character CG: ~1 poses, ~3 faces
  • Background CG: ~7 indoor, ~5 outdoor

The final CG count is small for a VN but should keep me and my graphics partner Narika busy for the year especially since it’s just the two of us. For the immediate future, I will be prioritizing working on drafts for the Minor characters and working on the poses for the Main characters and hopefully will have a bunch of pictures posted this coming Sunday.

Lastly, I have finished my updated Sofiya arc draft, now with more details and Hikari goodness. Since the draft itself is rather long, I will be making a separate post hopefully within the day or two. Until then, please enjoy browsing my blog.

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  1. Zanaikin

    Mmm, change a few fundamentals. Unless I’m wrong you either ditched the coat or made in a more inner-layer. Gives off a somewhat different aura, but still fitting, and sure doesn’t look as stereotyped this way. =)

    You might still want to work on drawing the male chars (or talk to Narika about it), given that’s… the side we’re REALLY delayed on.

    Nice of you to post the CG-meeting results though! XD, this means I don’t have to worry about using one of my posts these days to talk about that. Already loaded full as is lol.

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