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Magical Girl Sofiya

Magical Girl SofiyaThough it took longer than expected, I have Sofiya’s revised path draft posted like I previously promised. The reason it took so long was because I added a ton more scenes since the last version and ended up adding some but not all of the main branching paths. I also had to change the second half a bit since the circumstances have changed since my first draft.

The original was structured as two main parts to flesh out two characters, one being an awesome, underutilized character and the other being an original one created by me whose path at the time was dead. The first half had Hikari as its main support character while the second half’s would be Canan. But since Citrus joined and resurrected the third path with Canan and Exam as the leads, I revised my draft to focus less on Canan. In the end, I ended up making this more of a Sofiya/Hikari story with a little Canan for added flair than just a Sofiya-focused one. Anyways, be prepared for an extremely long post.


Random Earth Arc events to build up a relationship with Sofiya. These are necessary to even enter her path. Specifics to be determined later with Zanaikin.

(SCENE): Sofiya was stationed at the Archiry Steel Legion Military Intelligence Headquarters before it fell to the insurgents. Due to its significance and the heavy fighting that took place, Archiry still masses a large quantity of Federation troops. However, intel indicate that Tae and the First Guard Corps inflicted devastating casualties upon insurgent forces before been obliterated. Because of the heavy losses, the Federation units in the area are still being reformed, thus command and control is rather disorganized. Lothair believes they can sneak into the Intel HQ directly thru teleportation, locate and rescue Sofiya alongside other Legion personnel they can find, and evacuate out before the Federation could respond in force. His divination also confirms Sofiya’s general location and that she’s alive, although in poor health.

(BATTLE): Archiry Headquarters – Exelar and co. teleports directly into the building and a timer begins (enemy reinforcements begin arriving in waves once enough turns expire). Once inside, Exelar’s close range location spells allow him to pinpoint Sofiya’s location. The group must fight their way through multiple guard patrols to reach the location. Upon reaching it, they discover that Sofiya was currently being interrogated, tortured, and by her appearance – about to get raped, not by Federation troops but several Fateseekers. The Fateseeker Captain confirms Lothair’s belief that their organization is behind this war, and he also personally killed Alarick with surprising ease. The peace did nothing except bury a time bomb which they exploited for their goal, to decrease the planet of its non-magical population by provoking them to annihilate each other. Aorin soon realizes that their foe was buying time for reinforcements to arrive and they need to end it now. The Fateseeker Captain informs that he placed a lockdown upon the entire level in which no teleportation could come in or go out, and Lothair claims that he only needs to kill the caster to end the spell. Goal is to finish the Fateseeker Captain (and other units for XP) before evacuating the building. Exelar manages to master conjuration magic for the first time as he creates some robes to put around Sofiya before the group teleports out.
[CG: Sofiya’s Rescue]

(SCENE): During the fight, the Fateseeker mage mentions something about Sofiya being a fake, artificial mage, and that if the information they dug out from her mind is correct, so are Exelar and Lothair. He claimed that the Arcanum was despoiling the magical bloodlines with such experimentation, and in cooperation with the commoners nonetheless. Exelar demands Lothair to clarify on this, but Lothair tells Exelar that it’s a long story, and that it would be better for him and everyone else that it wait until they at least get off Earth and out of danger. He also promises Exelar that he will give Exelar the whole truth then.

After these general events, Sofiya’s path becomes accessible if your score with her is high enough.


Scene yet-to-be named
After rescuing Sofiya, Exelar begins noticing small problems with her but is unsure of neither the cause nor what to do. These problems don’t seem to be very major and Exelar doesn’t want to be too rash so he decides to wait it out. Worried about Sofiya, Exelar often chats with her to keep her company.

Once Hikari joins, Exelar has the option to ask her to perform an analysis on Sofiya. She tells Exelar that there are signs that she has been physically and mentally abused recently. Upon hearing this, Exelar asks what can be done about it and Hikari briefly and cautiously mentions the idea of memory alteration.

[Decision] Exelar is faced with the dilemma of what to do with Sofiya; should he keep her the way she is now, emotionally and mentally scarred, or attempt to help by messing with her memory. This key decision will determine which version of Sofiya’s path you enter. Scenes marked with an asterisk (*) will only be available if you choose to alter her memory. From here on, the memory altering path shall be referred to as MAP.


In order to tamper with Sofiya’s memory, Exelar goes to Hikari with his decision. He goes to her lab and knocks on the door but there is no response.

[Decision] Exelar can either go in to check for Hikari or he can come back later. If you walk in, Exelar sees Hikari working at her desk wearing her headphones. Exelar lightly flicks her forehead to get her attention and she looks up surprised. They begin discussing the memory alteration treatment.

If you decide to come back later, Exelar returns an hour later and there is still no response.

[Decision] He can either decide to come back again or walk in. If you decide to come back later, you return and tired of waiting, go into her lab and find Hikari waiting as if not realizing that Exelar has been knocking at her door. Holding back his irritation, they began talking.

If you decide to walk in (second visit), Exelar goes into a seemingly empty room. However, Exelar notices a strange sight, a pair of fried eggs and a piece of toast floating around Hikari’s desk. Exelar stares at it for a minute and from behind Hikari’s desk her butt appears.

[Decision] Exelar can either leave her alone or pinch her butt.

If you decide to wait, Hikari’s butt eventually disappears and is replaced by an outstretched arm reaching for a piece of toast. She emerges from her desk with the piece of toast in her mouth. After finishing her breakfast, they begin discussing the treatment.

If you pick the latter, Exelar goes in for the kill and pinches her butt. Hikari lets out a cute, startled scream and jumps a little hitting her head against the bottom of her desk. She loses her focus causing her orbiting breakfast to fall making a sticky mess all over her. Hikari sees Exelar and instead of connecting the dots draws the wrong conclusion and asks him what happened. Exelar tells her that a piece of equipment must have fallen off her desk and Hikari falls for the half-baked lie. After changing her clothes, they talk about Sofiya.
[CG: Hikari’s Breakfast-, variations: (1) Orbiting Breakfast, (2) Hikari’s Butt & (3) Hikari Wearing Breakfast]

No matter what version of the Breakfast scene you follow, Exelar and Hikari end up discussing Sofiya’s treatment. Hikari tells him about the gravity of the situation and asks Exelar a few times before finally joining in. She creates the memory suppression system (MSS) consisting of a pair of head ornaments for Exelar to give Sofiya.


Exelar messages Sofiya and asks if he can meet in her room for a private chat. She mistakes this for some sort of love confession and in a nervous panic ends up saying yes. Walking to her quarters, Exelar starts to have second thoughts. He bumps into Hikari (literally) on the way and she asks him one more time whether he is alright with the decision.

[Decision] Exelar can either go see Sofiya or stand her up. This is the last time that you can exit the true Sofiya path by not seeing her thus not giving her the MSS.

If you decide to go ahead with the plan, Exelar knocks on Sofiya’s door and she happily opens it. They start talking and Exelar tells her how happy he is to have her back. Sofiya turns silent for a minute and Exelar in a bind changes the subject. She gives the MSS to her telling her that she will look cute in them.

Eager to please him, she puts them on and she immediately falls to the ground in pain (something Hikari had not anticipated) as the devices cast several powerful sealing spells targeted directly at her brain that block her memories of torture during captivity (though not the fact she was captive). To keep the seals from degrading, the ornaments drain magic from Sofiya to maintain their integrity. When the system is finished integrating itself, Sofiya wakes up to see Exelar extending his hand to her and with no recollection of her torture or what just happened. Exelar tells her that she collapsed due to her excitement while forcing himself to smile as he questions the ethics of what he has just done.


Several days later after Sofiya’s rescue (about a day after the preceding scene), Exelar can’t seem to fall asleep so he heads toward the bridge to do some work. There he find’s Sofiya doing analysis and plotting out strategies for the upcoming battle. Exelar walks behind her and pats her on the head. She winces slightly as Exelar greets her. He sits next to Sofiya and begins chatting. She’s a little nervous so she turns her head slightly towards her monitor.

Exelar begins by asking Sofiya what she is doing. Still staring at her monitor, she proceeds to describe in detail the specifics of the battle plan she is working on. Not that Exelar is dumb, he cannot understand what she is saying due to her strange way of explaining things. Regardless, Exelar nods as if he comprehends her speech which makes Sofiya happy. His brain rattled, Exelar pats Sofiya a good night and heads back to his quarters for a good night rest.


The next night, Exelar goes to the bridge again to see if Sofiya is there. Sure enough she is there racking her brains over some navigation work. As if anticipating his arrival, Sofiya has prepared some tea for them to drink. Once again Exelar starts off the conversation by asking her about her work. She begins telling him about the finer points of interstellar travel she but soon starts falling into and out of sleep. Worried, Exelar asks her if she is okay and she insists that she just needs a little tea.

After taking a few sips, Exelar changes the subject. He asks her why she has been staying up late. She tries to explain it off by saying she is making up for the work she missed during her imprisonment but Exelar sees through the ruse but decided to not pursue the subject further until later and calls it a night.


On the third night, Exelar decides to get a Sofiya a hot drink to keep her warm on the cold bridge. Exelar heads to the mess hall and prepares some tea for Sofiya and himself. Carrying the beverages to the bridge, he notices Sofiya at her usual spot but with her head lying on the desk. At first Exelar thinks nothing of it and attempts to wake her up by touching her forehead with a warm cup of tea but before he can finish, he notices something wrong.

Sofiya is making a pained face and whimpering slightly. She is sweating heavily and grabbing tightly to her chest. She suddenly starts shouting “Mama” among other things and repeats “I’m sorry” over and over again. Exelar wakes her up and at this point crying profusely. Not knowing what else to do, Exelar embraces Sofiya and strokes the back of her head telling her things will be fine.

After Sofiya calms down, Exelar asks her what is wrong. After a few sniffles, Sofiya proceeds to tell him that over the past week she has been having nightmares regarding the deaths of all their parents. As a result, she has been continuosly working to keep herself from falling asleep and dreaming. She tells him how scared she was while Exelar continues to comfort her. If not on the MAP, she also tells hims about her time in captivity believing it was divine punishment and that she would be better off dead.

[Decision] When Exelar hears this, he can try to comfort her two ways. The choices will sound similar and I’m not sure what they will be yet. However one will be a standard comfort scene while the other will have Exelar confess his love to Sofiya and kiss her.

Sofiya falls back asleep but starts to have an especially vivid nightmare. He calls for Hikari and has her do an examination on her mental and physical state. She determines that although Sofiya’s vitals are all over the place, that she will be fine after enough rest. He asks Hikari if there is a way to suppress her dreams. Hikari responds that she already gave Sofiya some medication to stop her subconscious functions while she recovers.


Two or three days later, Sofiya wakes up and Exelar is there to greet her, “Good morning” despite it being around 2 PM. Alone in the infirmary, Exelar tells her that she shouldn’t bear things alone and that he is always there to support and comfort her (“he” becomes “we” if on MAP or did not confess). He then tells her that they all have to face the truth together instead of hiding it as if it never happened.

If not on MAP, confessing leads to the end of Sofiya’s arc and a good end while not confessing just leads to a normal, non romantic end. She continues to take the medication while she begans seeing Hikari for psychological treatment.

If on MAP, Exelar has an internal monologue in which he shows disgust over the hypocrisy of that statement.


Who’s the Father?*
A day or two later, Exelar goes to the infirmary to check up on Sofiya who has been relieved from duty until she recovers. When he walks in he sees Sofiya sitting on her bed while she talks to Hikari sitting in a chair next to her. Exelar is surprised to see Sofiya so energetic and talking so much. Hikari sees Exelar and grabs Sofiya’s face and turns her head towards him. Sofiya greets him cheerfully while Hikari is still pinching her cheeks. Exelar comments that the two look like a pair of sisters but then corrects himself by saying its actually more like a mother and her child. Hikari replies, “Embarrasing remarks are not allowed.” Sofiya genuinely interested asks him who the father would be.

[Decision] Pick the father. Options include all the other Heirs plus Exam. This choice doesn’t affect anything major but choosing the “Canan option” will add a few extra lines of dialogue later on.

If Exelar says Canan is the father, Hikari goes into her thinking position while Sofiya tilts her head slightly. After a pause, the two simultaneously exclaim that Exelar’s right. Hikari unknowingly insults Exelar when she says that Canan is the only one intelligent enough to bear a wonderful child like Sofiya. Sofiya elaborates by telling Hikari and Exelar about the simulation she has just run in her head.

If this where an anime, the scene Sofiya describes would look like it was drawn by a third grader using crayons. Sofiya imagines Canan as some sort of secret agent (with a cheesy fake moustache) while Hikari works as a gondolier. They would live together in a large castle by the sea but before she can say more, Exelar cuts off Sofiya and says, “What kind of simulation is that?” However, the two aren’t listening and instead Hikari is hugging Sofiya while she pats her head and tells her that she’s such a good girl. Exelar gives up.

The other father choices would follow a similar pattern and Sofiya would always have some sort of ridiculous simulation. Right now I don’t know what they will all be so I will decide that later.

Exelar relieved to see Sofiya doing well asks if he can talk with Hikari alone for a little bit. Outside, Exelar asks if Sofiya can get back to work. Hikari tells him that she she should be fine but thinks that she should undergo some confidence building exercises as part of her continuing therapy. Exelar agrees and suggests that she should try taking magic lessons. When they go back in, Sofiya asks if she can go back to work insisting that she is fine but Exelar says that she should take it easy. Sofiya pouts a little bit after hearing.

[Decision] Exelar can either choose to tell her about the lessons or keep it secret for the time being. If you choose the former, Exelar tells Sofiya about the lessons and to be ready to start right away the next day. If you decide to keep it secret for a while, Exelar only tells her to show up tomorrow for a surprise.


[Decision] Exelar can either go look for Canan right away or leave it off until later.

If you choose to go right away, Exelar has a string of conversations with a few crew members and finds Canan at the mess hall chatting with Exam. Exelar asks her if she can instruct Sofiya and after a few witty remarks agrees to have a little fun.

If you choose to put it off, it is late at night by the time Exelar remembers. He realizes that he was too rash deciding to start tomorrow morning considering that he has no one to instruct Sofiya. Desperate (and not thinking), he goes to Canan’s room where she is currently only wearing spats and a tank top while doing stretches. She is bothered by the intrusion and demands his reason for being in her room. Exelar gets on the floor and begins begging Canan for her help but she says she will only do it on one condition.

What happens next will depend on the level of Exelar’s relationship with Canan pending approval from Citrus. Otherwise it defaults to the scene written here:

Canan makes a disturbing grin and sits down in front of Exelar’s hunched body. She leans in close to his face and says, “suck my toes. If you really want to help forehead (Sofiya), then you will do as I say.”

[Decision] You can either comply with her orders or not.

If you refuse, Canan laughs and says that she knew Exelar didn’t have the guts to do it. If you do, Canan is surprised when Exelar begins to suck her toes. She comments that Exelar must really like Sofiya but before she can say more, she stops talking because she is enjoying herself too much. If this were an H-game, I would stick in an extra scene right here.

The decision doesn’t affect much except a few pieces of dialogue later on. No matter what you pick, Canan chooses to help Sofiya with her magic. Exelar gives her the meeting time and place and bids her goodnight. Canan says goodnight and blows him a kiss while a blushing Exelar exits her room.


Magical Girl Sofiya*
The beginning of this scene depends on whether you tell Sofiya about the training right away or keep it a secret. If you keep it a secret, a special scene (*) awaits. Otherwise go to straight to (**). If you don’t see scene (*), Exelar walks in and sees Hikari and Sofiya practicing with Canan wearing normal clothes.

(*) Exelar arrives at the designated site a little late. He finds Sofiya dressed up as a magical girl and Hikari dressed up as a maid while practicing magic. After a moment of disbelief, Exelar asks Hikari why they are in such clothing. Hikari tells Exelar that Sofiya wasn’t sure what to wear on a date so Sofiya asked her what guys like. Hikari says that men from her homeland love outfits like the one Sofiya is wearing so she let Sofiya borrow her old one. Exelar cuts her off and says in an irritated manner, “This is a training session, not a date. Don’t you remember your confidence building plan?” Hikari responds saying she doesn’t remember anything about that and thought he was setting up a date. Knowing he can’t argue with her airheadedness, he drops the issue.

Sofiya stops practicing and interrupts the two. She tells Exelar about a new spell that Canan taught her that uses a special chant to stun opponents and asks if she can show him. Exelar agrees and Sofiya starts singing and dancing. When she is done, she points her rod at Exelar to finish her spell and asks him if any parts of his body feel weird. She proceeds to explain the effect of the spell and that Hikari taught her the song. The nature of the spell and its effect (what song Sofiya sings) depend on the what version of the Breakfast scene you witness. Exelar asks where Canan is but before anyone can answer, she falls out of her hiding spot in laughter. While Canan is still laughing, Exelar tells her to be more serious.

(**) Exelar continues to watch them practice for a little bit and is impressed by Sofiya’s progress. However, he is a little jealous when he sees Canan having a little too much fun when she gets behind Sofiya to show her how to do a new spell. He leaves and tells them to keep up the good work.


Though he doesn’t go every day, Exelar shows up regularly and is impressed by Sofiya’s progress and the amusing events that transpire. This is a placeholder until I can come up with more events.


On one visit to the training sessions, Exelar shows up but Sofiya is missing. Hikari and Canan tell him that she hasn’t shown up for the past couple of days and when they do see her, she is acting strangely. After mentioning this, Exelar says that now that he thinks about it, she has been a little weirder than usual. Exelar tells one of them to go search for Sofiya with him while the other stays just in case Sofiya shows up.

[Decision] Picking whether Hikari or Canan goes with Exelar determines what ending you get.


Sofiya-Canan End
Exelar takes Canan along and after searching a few places find Sofiya in the engine room. When she sees them, Sofiya tells them to stay away and leave her alone. As they approach, Sofiya begins saying things such as “Mama, I’m sorry” and “I didn’t mean to…” Exelar and Canan continue to moving towards her and Sofiya starts screaming frantically. “Please, please stop it. I’m a good girl…a good girl…” It takes a little while but Exelar soon realizes that for some reason, Sofiya is hallucinating and tells Canan to stop moving. Exelar tries to talk Sofiya into coming with them but this only causes Sofiya to panic more. Sofiya starts casting a spell and Canan tells Exelar that she never taught Sofiya that and that she must have taught herself. Furthermore, a spell of that size would destroy the engines.

[Decision] Exelar can go and try to restrain Sofiya or he can try to talk her out of it. If you pick the latter, Exelar fails and Sofiya attacks. Canan is not fast enough to stop the spell and the engines explode resulting in a game over.

If you try to restrain her, Exelar asks Canan if she can get to Sofiya before she can finish casting the spell. Canan says yes and she rushes toward Sofiya but Sofiya casts the spell anyway. Canan is able to nullify the brunt of the attack and prevent the engines from receiving major damage. Canan emerges from the smoke and jumps onto Sofiya and grabs her neck. They fall to the ground and Sofiya’s head slams onto the ground and she faints.

Exelar grabs Sofiya and carries her to the infirmary while messaging Hikari. They meet at the infirmary and Hikari analyzes Sofiya. She determines that Sofiya hasn’t received major head trauma since the MSS took the hit. However, they must remove it immediately because it is malfunctioning causing Sofiya to start losing her memories. Hikari is able to remove the MSS but says she is not sure how much of her memories are recoverable.

The extent of her brain damage has yet to be determined but it is safe to say that this leads to the bad end. In consolation, you unlock Sofiya’s Final Spell if you go through this ending.


Sofiya-Hikari End (True End)
Exelar brings Hikari along and the scene proceeds the same as Sofiya-Canan end until the decision point.

[Decision] Yet again Exelar can try to restrain Sofiya or talk to her. If you choose the former, Exelar asks Hikari to stop the attack while he grabs Sofiya. Hikari is not fast enough and the engines explode resulting in a game over.

If you pick to talk to her, Exelar tries persuading Sofiya to stop her attack. However, just like in the Sofiya-Canan end, Exelar is unable to convince her to stop. Just when Sofiya is ready to attack, Hikari jumps in and starts talking to Sofiya. Hikari comforts Sofiya by telling her such things as, “no one blames you for not being able to protect our parents” and “no one deserves to go through that” (referring to her captivity). Sofiya stops casting her spell and Hikari continues to approach while pleading Sofiya to remember who they are.

When Hikari makes it to Sofiya, she falls crying into Hikari’s arms. Sofiya tells her that she’s sorry and Hikari responds by telling her, “I’m always here for you.” She falls asleep and Hikari calls Exelar over. Exelar is a little irked that he was unable to calm Sofiya down but is nonetheless glad she is okay.

Exelar carries Sofiya back to the infirmary where Hikari gives Sofiya medicine to keep her asleep while she examines her. Hikari determines that the MSS and the medication Sofiya has been taking have caused her to start hallucinating. Using her new data, Hikari synthesizes a new version of the drug that won’t have the same side effect. When Sofiya wakes up, Exelar and Hikari are there to wish her “Good Morning.”


Finally the end! I need a break now. Will fix errors and add my path CG list later.

Now that I have fixed everything, I have some small notes to add:


  • Height: 153cm
  • Weight: 41kg
  • 3 Sizes: B75W54H78cm
  • Sofiya runs lots of ridiculous simulations in her head just like me

  • Height: 168cm
  • Weight: 55kg
  • 3 Sizes: B86W61H88
  • Hikari treats Sofiya like I would treat her

This doesn’t really affect anything but damn do I make Sofiya lolier and lolier while Hikari gets sexier and sexier.

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  1. Zanaikin

    Ah, I’d been worried, but looks like that had been completely unnecessary.

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  2. Sylon

    Interesting, definitely. The storyline is well fleshed out. I’ll definitely be looking forward as to see how this turns out.

    Though, is it just me, or does Sofiya’s pose somehow seem… Familiar?

  3. Honya

    @Sylon: I didn’t actually look at any references besides my older drawings when I drew Sofiya in that pose. However, I probably got that from one of the Nanoha eye catches.

    Also, I added some notes at the end of this post.

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