Jun 09 2008

Zero: Aspiring Lolicon

Zero Steals Chinese Loli

I am normally not the type to comment on individual episodes but after watching episode 9 of Code Geass R2, I have to say that Zero is on his way to making a fine loli harem (as if his isn’t big enough). Possibe Code Geass R2 episode 9 spoilers to follow.

Tianzi Wedding Promise

When Xing-ke interrupted the wedding, it really made me feel happy when Tianzi started waving her arm and making the pinky promise symbol and Xing-ke finding the resolve to save her. But just when he is about to save his loli, Zero cockblocks him epically putting a gun to her head and laughing like a maniac. When I saw this, even though I felt sorry for Tianzi and wanted to giver her a hug, I couldn’t stop laughing with Zero at his amazing internet superhero victory. Also apparently Tianzi’s delicious voice is played by a real loli. Does this make me a bad person?

Kaguya and Zero

Of course, this isn’t all the loli action Zero is getting this episode. He tags along with Kaguya to the pre-wedding celebration. Stopped by the Chinese guards and Schneizel and company, Kyoto Loli shows Suzaku who’s boss and shuts him up for Zero. Just to show how much he loves his wife, Zero promises to win her Suzaku in a game of chess. Zero, aren’t you sweet!

Nunnaly cranes

Sadly, there wasn’t even a cameo of Nunnally this episode. If I had a blind, crippled little sister like LeLouch, I would try to change the world too. Maybe Lulu hasn’t been faithful to his sister these past few episodes or maybe he is trying a new plan: Saving the world by Overflowing his harem with Lolis! So far, he has lolis from Brittania, the United States of Japan and now the Chinese Federation. All he needs now is a royal E.U. loli and he will have a loli harem spanning the whole world.

I’ll laugh immensely if Zero does in fact get himself a forth loli to add to his royal collection.

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