Jun 10 2008

Imperium Project: Wiki Profiles

Eager to give myself a break from the Canan/Exam route (which is quickly becoming too involved and difficult for my meager talents as a visual novel storywriter), but unwilling to cease all productivity, I decided to get some much-needed work done on character profiles for the Imperium Project Wiki. I’ve written an extended personality description for my favorite character, Hikari…

…as well as a stub description for Exam so that obnoxious “…awaiting more information from Citrus…” tab will go away.

Unlike past TIP articles, no plot spoilers after the break! Read on!

Hikari Kuribayashi


Gifted with a brilliant mind, strong intuition, and incisive reasoning, Hikari is tasked as the chief scientist and researcher among the Imperium Heirs. Hikari’s personality is just as uniquely suited to her role – although she can be absent-minded and quick to retreat into her own thoughts under normal circumstances, she possesses a great deal of curiosity and is quick to take interest in all manner of scientific and magical technology. When her interest peaks, Hikari becomes relentlessly focused, to the point of losing awareness of events unfolding around her as she works. She becomes equally unapologetic in this state, even investigating taboo or potentially unethical solutions to a problem if she sees fit. However, this wondrous focusing ability can be and is exploited on occasion, most often by Rika or Exelar making Hikari the unwitting accomplice in one of their pranks.

When not absorbed in her work, Hikari shows a love of practicality and a deep sense of responsibility, as well as a maternal attitude that shows most clearly in her relationships with Sofiya and Exam, whom she views and treats almost as daughters. Hikari also has a well-developed creative side, which assists tremendously in her research as well as contributing to her hobby of costuming. Hikari’s wardrobe contains several appealing costumes, which she is all too eager to wear or lend to others.

Defining Traits: Focused, Responsible, Creative
Likes: Science, Costumes
Dislikes: Distractions, Boredom


A promising cadet at the Steel Legion’s Sverdlovsk Academy, Exam possesses skills, experience, and toughness far beyond what “her” youthful appearance would suggest. In truth, Exam is a male vampire, but disguises himself convincingly as a human girl to distance himself from his identity and the prejudice associated with it. Exam is cheerful, pleasant, and polite, and values the well-being and company of others, although he is keenly sensitive to unfairness. He has a strong connection with Canan that dates to before his time in the Academy.

And that’s that. By the way, Honya, are you working on a new draft of Exam anytime soon? We don’t have any high-quality full images of Exam yet (that sketch you drew on the notebook paper doesn’t count at all)!

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  1. Zanaikin

    Mmm, not bad at all. You’re definitely better at writing bios than I am, and probably a lot faster (takes me forever to write one of those). Now if I can only hand you more of them to write… lol

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