Jul 11 2008

I Hate You Comcast

Alice HangContrary to what some people may believe, Honya is still around. So what is up with this nearly three-week absence? I wish I could say I was on an extended vacation but the truth is that I have been without internet since June 22. In fact, I have only had my internet back for less than 12 hours.

On the day in question, I got my hands on a copy of Phantom Hourglass and Twilight Princess to satiate my video game urges. I spent most of the day playing Phantom Hourglass but got to a certain puzzle which I could not figure out (people who have played it should be able to figure out what part I am talking about). I decided to hop online but instead of finding my answer, I found that I could not connect. The internet was working earlier that morning so I did not think much of it and waited until my service came back.

For the next few days, I played Twilight Princess while periodically checking my modem and resetting it. Unfortunately, I beat it in 3 days and still had no internet. After a call to Comcast and various details I don’t feel like writing about, I had our service canceled the next Saturday, a week since it stopped working anyways. I popped into the library for a few minutes to check what ISPs we have in the area and decided to go with Verizon. I had it ordered the following Monday but because of various reasons such as Independence Day, my service-ready-date was not until July 11.

To pass the time and to get ready, I decided to organize my stuff, both physical and electronic. I deleted a good deal of nonsense from my hard drives so now I actually have plenty of space to keep even more nonsense. In between, I kept playing Twilight Princess and now have a nearly complete game save without help from the tubes. Of course, I can’t forget Citrus dropping in by my place last week. The one thing I didn’t do much of that I should have is clearing my anime backlog which is essentially as big as ever.

After waiting for what felt like forever, I got my package in on Wednesday and installed my new wireless router and the filters for my landlines. Unfortunately my service was not ready yet so I had to play the waiting game once again. Fortunately this time around it was a much shorter wait. Yesterday after eating dinner, I went to check the router to see if my DSL service was ready yet and to my surprise it was. After going through the usual nonsense that comes with setting up a new connection, I restored my internet at about 7 PM yesterday.

Since then, I have been catching up with three weeks of serious business. I need to get myself familiarized with the new TIP work and to post the new drawings later today especially now that I seem to have a new person under my supervision. I still haven’t finished reading all the blogs I keep up with. Of course I need to watch all the anime I have missed and figure out what to watch this season.

As much work as that is, the one thing I was worried about most was getting my figure preorders in. I was able to reserve my Miki Awaking Ver. at HLJ but not Miku. Fortunately I found one from a site I have never bought from (but heard good things about) so I got that in barely. Speaking of figures, I really need to post that Fraulein article I was planning to publish before my internet died on me.

In short, this weekend is dedicated to reacquainting myself with EVERYTHING.

PS: Began writing this a week ago.

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  1. Citrus

    Glad to have you back, Honya.

    lol @ Alice hanging herself

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