Aug 31 2008

Happy Birthday Miku!

Miku with chocolate heart

YAY! It’s been a whole year since our virtual singing idol made her debut and started one of the coolest otaku crazes in recent memory. I’ve tried playing with the Vocaloid 2 software but my lack of musical composition training means I can’t participate in the fun of making new songs for Miku. Still I really appreciate the love that everyone else puts into their Miku songs and videos and hope to see many more cute songs to come. Until then I have my Good Smile Miku on pre-order so barring some crazy Japanese homework I may get, I’ll make a post about that as soon as I get it.

For now enjoy some more Miku goodness:


初音ミク が オリジナル曲を歌ってくれたよ「メルト」 (My favorite Miku song)

【初音ミク】melody…3D PV ver1.50



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  1. Lynlially

    Hm I recently found out that I missed MikuMiku’s 2nd anniversary event,
    called “Miku FES’ 09” (http://mikufes.jp/ official website)
    and I wanted to share it with you (though I couldn’t find a more recent post to comment this on)

    The videos of the show were recently added on Youtube, and if you didn’t yet, I recommand you watch them ^_^ Only 4 with good sound quality though, tagged with 【MikuFes09】 and the name of the song… Enjoy 😉

    From what I understood on the website, they’re gonna release them in dvd quality in a near future.

    (A lot of Miku’s songs are permanent part of my daily playlist, along with K-On!)

  2. Honya

    Oh wow. The videos are amazing. I guess we’re closer to Macross Plus than I had imagined. I’ll definitely want to grab the DVD release when it comes out. Thanks for reminding me of this Lynlially.

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