Sep 21 2008

Just Watched the New Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Trailer

As the title says, just finished watching the four-and-a-half minute trailer and once again I’m really excited about it. The first two minutes or so are essentially just recaps of Jigoku Shoujo and Futakomori with various shots from the series including spoilers of the ends. Midway through we get a fuzzy screen with the word shikashi (however) followed by text being typed (which I can’t completely read).

After that we actually get to see a few quick shots from Mitsuganae followed by character art of all the major characters. Returning is Enma Ai (!!) along with the rest of the Jigoku Tsuushin including Kikuri and two new characters, Yamawaru and Mikage Yuzuki. After a few screens of text of credits for cast and staff, it ends with Mamiko Noto saying, “Watashi ha Anata no naka ni iru” (I’m inside of you) which gave me chills.

As for story, I have no clue what is going on as usual. The biggest thing I am wondering is how Enma Ai is able to return as Jigoku Shoujo considering her depressing death at the end of Futakomori (I bawwwed hard). Assuming that this is the same Enma Ai as in the previous two series I will be happy to see her back but at the same time, I don’t want her to come back through some contrived means. It would undermine the ending of Futakomori which I consider to be a perfect.

The other thing is the new character Yuzuki. She has such a prominent shot with Enma Ai in the promo pictures that it makes me wonder how important she is and what her role is. Will she be featured in a continuous story as in the original Jigoku Shoujo or will she somehow join Jigoku Tsuushin? Either way I am really excited. Can’t wait for epic Fall Season!

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  1. andra

    cant wait for season 3!! I hoped for a new jigoku shoujo when season 3 was first announced but.. nvm, we shall see how she comes back ^^ and.. *rubs eyes* did I see someone kissing?

  2. Honya

    Yeah, I can’t wait either.

    Actually I do think there was kissing for just a fraction of a second.

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