Sep 27 2008

Goofy Predictions for the End of Code Geass


Last night during dinner, I ended up having some conversations with my friends about what we thought would happen during the Geass finale. There were some serious predictions but many of them were just plain hilarious. The best part is that with how ridiculous R2 has been, anything is possible and even the dumbest things could happen. Below are some of the best ones that I can remember in no particular order:

Queen Nunnally END (by Honya)
Zero decides not to Geass Nunnally and concedes defeat because he won’t allow himself to fight his loli imouto. Nunnally ascends to the throne while Lelouch decides to use his Geass to make sure everyone submits to their new loli overlord.

Nunnally’s Geass (Others)
Lelouch is about to Geass Nunnally and it looks like Lelouch is about to win. However Nunnally is charging her lasers and fires beams from her eyes stopping Lelouch.

Suzaku Dies (Others)
During Suzaku’s fight with Kallen, he is about to finish her off and starts his final attack. While in the middle of his spin kick, Tamaki comes out of nowhere and destroys the Albion and kills Suzaku.

Pizza Hut Boat (Others/Honya)
Lelouch and Suzaku are victorious and somehow both survive after Zero Requiem. Basking in their victory, they decide to order some pizza. Suzaku brings over the pizza and Lelouch promptly takes a bite and asks Suzaku, “What ever happened to Kallen?” Suzaku smirks and with a terrified look on his face, Lelouch looks down at the pizza and realizes what he is eating. Delicious END lol.

Giant Pizza End (Citrus)
The rest of the episode doesn’t matter. In the end all that matters is that C.C. finally gets her freaking giant pizza.

World Reset (Honya/Others)
Sunrise decides to make more money off their Geass cash cow and realizes that they killed off or screwed up too many of their awesome characters. They decide to be trolls about it again and use some sort of plot device to reset the world so that the events of R2 never really happened and that characters from both seasons interact which each other like it has always been this way i.e. Nunnally AND Rollo being Lelouch’s siblings. Internet Rages Hard.

Mai-HiME END (Honya/Citrus)
Through some weird Geass magic, all major characters come back to life including EUPHY! After some mushy scenes, everyone mends their relationships with each other despite everything that has happened. Furthermore all the girls go back to fighting over Lelouch. Harem END/Zero Wins.

Jupiter END (Honya/Citrus)
Through some nonsensical plot device, everyone is somehow transported to Jupiter and the final showdown takes place in its atmosphere. Zero may or may not use his control over Jupiter to get good end. “You gonna get taken to Jupiter.”

Cancer END (Zanaikin)
Kallen somehow survives the battle with Suzaku but dies in the end because of cancer caused by overusing her Radiation Wave Burning Finger.

Personally I can’t wait to see some combination of Queen Nunnally, Loli Lasers, Pizza Hut Boat and Mai-HiME ENDS. I especially hope to see Mai-HiME END because of the guaranteed lulz and because I get free pizza if Euphy or anyone else come back to life in the final episode. Can’t wait for Sunday so I can cry, rage and lol simultaneously.

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  1. Oguma


    The Gurren Lagann flies out of Xing-Ke’s chest using its “I-can-drill-through-the-fabric-of-reality” attack. Domon Kasshu follows through the aforementioned spacetime hole on his (fabulous) giant robo-steed and shows Kallen a REAL MAN’S Burning Finger. In the confusion, Anya and Nunnaly team up and become Loli overlords of the universe.

    And the best part, the cameos require no lawsuits. It’s all Bandai so it’s all legal

  2. Citrus

    Aww… none of my endings came true…

    Citrus´s last blog post..Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 1

  3. zanaikin

    not like anyone was serious when we discussed those predictions to make them in first place.

    For a more serious side I got my Suzaku-becomes-Nunnally’s-Knight end so I’m happy.

    zanaikin´s last blog post..SGD Presentation

  4. Honya

    All-in-all I am rather satisfied with the real ending of Geass. I even got my Queen Nunnally end though I’m sort of sad that I am not getting my free pizza.

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