Sep 28 2008

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 1


Today I continued my tradition of drawing yuri on the chalkboard before anime club showings. I started it last year when I was bored so I used the projector to trace my wallpaper which was a spoof of Nanoha and Fate in the Kannazuki no Miko embrace pose. I have the original picture below but I still need to get the camera phone picture of my drawing from Citrus so I can post it later:


For my first drawing, I decided to draw Sanya and Eila from Strike Witches. I will be continuing this from week to week and of course take pictures to post here. Original picture below:


Next Week, full-color Strawberry Panic! if we don’t get banned. Look forward to more “Awesome Friendship” next time.

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  1. Zeroblade

    Thanks for inspiring me to do the same when I get the chance.

  2. Honya

    I’m proud of myself. If you decide to post it on your blog, don’t forget to mention me lol.

  3. Qsar

    hi,I’m a acg fan from China…^_^
    I have write a post on my blog to introduce your chalk pics,great works..


    Qsar´s last blog post..黑版粉笔画之百合版

  4. Honya

    Thank you!! I’m glad you like my artwork.

  5. LinGaiVa

    I often wonder what would happen if Stalin and Ryti saw what had become of their Ace pilots. Or what Ilmari of being turned into a 14 year old girl flying around with no pants or indeed the thought of being paired up with the enemy as a lesbian.

    Or better yet what Mr Mikoyan, Mr Gurevich and Mr Messerschmitt would think upon seeing their airplane designs turned into pre-pubescent girls who are shameless enough to fly around without pants on. And above all, MiGs and Messerschmitt designed planes being turned into something that you can be charged for as a sex offender should it be in your possession.

    1. chenchilla

      It’s okay, This is endorsed by the Japanese Culture Agency

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