Nov 11 2008

MSPaint Yunocchi


I was bored when I came across an interesting thread on /jp/ today so I decided to follow the instructions and draw Yuno from Hidamari Sketch in MSPaint without a tablet using only my mouse. After over 1000 hours in MSPaint, I have finally finished. Paint’s save function sucks so I ended up saving it as a jpeg by default but the compression was just awful. I ended up having to go back and remove the artifacts manually and there are probably still some left but I can’t be bothered to do that now. God I hate Paint. Anyways, I need sleep and my wrist is killing me.


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  1. Citrus

    This post is a trainwreck. Boredom, MSPaint, and /jp/ in one thread!?

    Citrus´s last blog post..MSPaint Yunocchi

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