Nov 12 2008

Finally Started Playing Aisp@ce


I’ve been waiting forever but today I was finally able to login to Aisp@ce and create my online avatar. I haven’t done too much so far but I think I will grow to like it and actually gives me even more of a reason to memorize kanji.

So far I haven’t done too much. I made my avatar an average height girl with the default purple eyes and medium-length blonde hair and named myself 本屋 of course. After finishing the survey of which I can’t remember exactly what was asked, I started running around Akiba. After playing around with the controls and menus to get a feel for them I wandered around since I couldn’t recognize half the kanji and didn’t realize I had to go somewhere.


Long story short I finished some quest so I finally got to pick which “world” my room would be in. I chose the CLANNAD area but before leaving the attendant asked what type of character doll I had a taste for. I picked the “silent, wait-and-see” option over the energetic one. After boarding the train I arrived at the CLANNAD Area. Before I could do any serious exploring or to even meet my partner though, something happened causing the game to stop working. I restarted but have yet been able to go back on so it looks like I will have to wait a little longer. I’ll write more once this maintenance (I think) is done.

By the way if you want to come play with me, I will most likely be on channel 4. Let’s make this the Gaijin Channel lol!!

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  1. Citrus

    I’ll be joining in as well! I’ll be posting my information here once Honya helps me set up my own account. Look forward to Lyrical Spark! on Aisp@ce!

    Citrus´s last blog post..Finally Started Playing Aisp@ce

  2. Maura

    This is my first time visiting your site and I enjoy it. I will defiently have to try that game out since I need to memorize/learn more kanji. =D I think everyone does,lol. Anyways thanks for the news about this site.

    Maura´s last blog post..“PuchiPuchi Virtual Bubble Wrap”

  3. Blowfish

    I was quite curious about this but understand no kanji at all….
    Its basically a Chat with a fancy engine or am i mistaken?
    I guess i shouldnt even think about DL it ^^

    Blowfish´s last blog post..The Dengeki Daioh Trip!

  4. Zeroblade

    Right, I should get to this too >_>

    Zeroblade´s last blog post..Chaos;Head sure is QUALITY.

  5. mr.T

    can anybody show me how can sign up this game?because i can’t read japanese…please send my mail.thank a lot.

  6. Coolidge

    umm… mee tooo neeed help for sign up xD hehe..

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