Nov 29 2008

Partial Patch for Umineko 3 Out


As promised, Witch Hunt has finally released a partial Patch for Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 3: Banquet of the Golden Witch covering roughly the first half of the game including the Prologue and the first 11 Chapters. The patch can be found here while a torrent for the episode 3 disk which I am currently seeding can be downloaded here.

As always the Umineko Episode 3 disk contains both of the previous episodes and the patch follows suit and includes all translations for episode 1 and 2 also so no one really has an excuse to not play this. I’ll start this right away once I get my work done since I’m eager to find out who these new characters I always see in fanart are and how gruesome things will get.

And in related news, Horie Yui was announced to be the voice of our young witch Ushiromiya Maria. Can’t wait to find out who else will be voicing the Umineko cast and how much they will tone down the gore in the anime version. At least at the rate the Witch Hunt is going, we will probably have a full patch for episode 3 done before the end of the year right in time for them to start working on Alliance of the Golden Witch.

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