Dec 12 2008

Little Busters! Pillows


Today I regrettably move one step closer to actually buying a dakimakura. Instead of spending money on an expensive body pillow and cover, I opted for the more economical and less ronery option of getting cushions. In this case, they are a standard-sized pillow and a miniature one featuring Noumi Kudryavka and Nishizono Mio respectively from Little Busters! I’m quite happy with the print quality and softness of the pillows.


Here’s the reverse side of both cushions in which we can see a slightly embarrassed Kudo’s panties. In truth I have actually had my Kudo cover for months but didn’t get the necessary cushion until this afternoon.


To give you an idea as to how small it is, here’s my Fraulein Hoshii Miki kneeling on top of my mini Mio cushion. In order to keep them in good condition I won’t actually be using these pillows for sleeping or sitting on like they are meant to. Instead I’ll display them together with plushies and other similar collectible junk I have. I imagine that the mini cushion would be great seats for showing off large 60cm dolls on but unfortunately I have yet to buy one and try it out.

I also got something else with my cushions relating to but not actually being a figure but I will probably post about it either tomorrow or Sunday.

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  1. oOgA

    nice pillows…look so moe 😀
    care to share how much u got them for ?

    oOgA´s last blog post..Kojima Hideo Visits Infinity Ward – MGS meets FPS ?

  2. Citrus

    I also got my Christmas present out of the same package, but it’s pointless for me to post about it until I’ve actually built it.

  3. Zeroblade

    I keep my cushion and cover separate and completely unused. I don’t want to end up damaging them >_>

    Zeroblade´s last blog post..Figure Review: Unison Vita

  4. Honya

    @oOga: I got the Kudo Cushion cover for 2500 yen, the cushion body for 1000 yen and the mini Mio cushion for 857 yen from HLJ.

    @Citrus: Can’t wait to see my present to you built.

    @Zeroblade: I’m pretty paranoid about keeping my things clean and undamaged too.

  5. Zanaikin

    You know, you should try shopping in local stores for cushions and such, it’s way cheaper than ordering from HLJ (all you need from them is the cover). My cushion was like under $5

  6. Manzha

    Those pillows look really nice. About taking care and keeping clean, I would choose if I will use it or just put it away. ToT


    Manzha´s last blog post..AMV, Misaka Shiori – Anywhere

  7. Honya

    I use mine to put my plushies on.

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