Dec 23 2008

FumoFumo Touhou Plushies GET


After waiting over a month, I finally I received my plushies. The plushies in question are the Touhou Nuigurumi FumoFumo Reimu and FumoFumo Marisa by Gift. Since I couldn’t find them in stock anywhere and because I was so desperate to get them, I went through Shopping Mall Japan for the first time ever so that I could bid on a pair on Yahoo Auctions Japan. I ended up spending 10,000+ yen on 2 plushies that each cost 2,625 yen originally but they are so worth it.


Why was I so desperate to get them? After seeing pictures of other peoples Touhou plushies, I realized that despite Touhou being possibly my favorite thing ever, I didn’t own a single piece of physical merchandise; everything I have has been downloaded from the interwebs. Technically even though I ordered these first, they are my second pair of Touhou stuff after my Reimu and Marisa folding fans that I got for Christmas.


Here’s Reimu by herself.


And here’s Marisa. The quality of both is fantastic and the details are just right.


For example Marisa’s removable hat is a nice touch by Gift.


Since I thought it would be funny, I had Reimu and Marisa take a picture with some of my other plushies. Reimu is riding on a giant squid I bought at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center while Marisa is atop Mikoto from Mai-Otome. To give a sense of scale, you can also see my iM@S: L4U game case propping up Reimu.


Gift will also be releasing two more ANGELTYPE-designed Touhou plushies, Remilia Scarlet and Izayoi Sakuya, next month. Luckily for me, I got my preorders in just in time before they all sold out though I will have to wait until February when they will be in stock at where I ordered.


I really hope that Gift will continue to produce more Touhou plushies in the future. Among others I really want to see Alice and Yukari the most. If we add Youmu and Yuyuko, then I can have some Imperishable Night action going on.

I know that this isn’t going to happen but I think I really should try to limit all my otaku purchases from now on to Touhou, iM@S, Key and Seventh Expansion nonsense.

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  1. Alan

    damn! jealous of u man~
    wish i got my hand on those plushies~
    especially sakuya, her expression is jus too cute!


  2. nyoronyolo

    Oh lucky you (ouchie 10k yens), I tried to get the raymoo and mari plushies but they always were out of stock.
    I hope I’ll be able to get one during the January restock.

    On the other hand, I was lucky enough to be able to pre-order the Sak and Remi ones :3

    nyoronyolo´s last blog post..I think I’m in love

  3. Zeroblade

    I love Reimu’s 😡 face and Sakuya’s :< face.

    Zeroblade´s last blog post..12 Days, 12 Moments in Anime – Day 11

  4. Potato

    Yahoo Japan auction is so annoying that they only take a VISA card with a JP address
    I had to pay 5000¥ in fees for a wire transfer last time
    You know of a better way to pay?
    Remilia plushie would be nice to have.

    Potato´s last blog post..A few Touhou CDs arrived today

  5. Honya

    @Alan: I was just lucky. As soon as I found Sakuya and Remilia for sale I knew I had to put my orders in right away or else they would be gone in a day and I was right.

    @nyoronyolo: Hopefully you can get Raymoo and LasaMari second runs but at least you have Sakuya nd Remi already waiting.

    @Zeroblade: Reimu’s not amused/where’s my donations face is awesome.

    @Potato: I used a Visa for my order too but it was a check card and not credit card. Commission, shipping and wire fees together totaled about $50 US so it that’s roughly 5000 yen. I’m not really sure of any other ways to pay besides using a proxy bidding service like Shopping Mall Japan or having a friend/family member living in Japan bid/pay for you.

  6. MarisaxAlice ~

    I want the Marisa + Alice Plushie at a decent price so, so bad ;–;
    Anyone who can help that’d be great.

    where is the best place to get them at a fair price.
    or if you’re selling yours o3o

    1. Honya

      Unfortunately most places I’ve seen are selling them for a lot since the older ones are out of production I believe. The best prices I’ve seen are on eBay. Sorry I couldn’t help that much.

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