Dec 25 2008

Christmas 2008 Drawing


Instead of the obligatory Merry Christmas post that every other blogger does by posting an anime Christmas picture they found online, I decided to make one from scratch and drew Touhou Project’s Alice and Marisa under a mistletoe held up by Shanghai and Hourai. Alice is saying 「魔理沙ちゃん、キスしてみようか?」 or in English “Marisa-chan, wanna try kissing?” For those not familiar with this Christmas tradition, when two people find themselves under a mistletoe it is customary to kiss each other.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to line and color it though I do plan on doing that sometime before next Christmas. Maybe I’ll finish it later today though I’ll probably be playing Super Mario Galaxy or drawing that Touhou doujin I am planning to submit for Another Dream, a Western Touhou Doujinshi Circle, instead. The story will focus mainly on Marisa, Alice, Patchy and Nitori though it will have other characters pop in occasionally. It will be a comedy/romance/action and run 10 pages or more depending on material. What I’m getting at is if for some reason you feel inclined to work with me, then please contact me by commenting here.

Anyways, I hope everyone has/had a wonderful day!

P.S. Since I can’t think of a Christmas Touhou song, have an iDOLM@STER one instead:
EDIT: Audio Removed

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  1. Zanaikin

    Merry Christmas Honya and Citrus ! Nice to see at least you’re still alive on here!

    Please do remember we have a meeting tomorrow as usual, seeing as you guys completely bummed out on me on the last one =p. Not to mention to actually turn on your cell phones and hop online every so while please =P

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