Feb 25 2009

TH12 Touhou Seirensen ~Undefined Fantastic Object Announced!


The 12th official Touhou shooting game has finally been announced with a title that makes it sound like either an amazing mystical relic or one hell of a calculus problem. According to the official blog, the trial will be available at Reitaisai on March 8th and Second Player Miko Sanae will be joining Reimu and Marisa as a playable character. This time it looks likes Binbou Waki Miko Reimu and company will be chasing after a rumored flying treasure ship.

I wish there was a closeup of the new character that Reimu is fighting

I’m kind of sad that Sanae is not shooting pentagrams of awesomeness

Is it just me or is Marisa shooting a UFO?

Holy Crap! I think Zun may have gotten better at drawing lol

Looks like the return of some old Spell Cards.

Undefined Fantastic Object is looking good so far but with with a story that involves flying ships I have no choice but to call it out right now – at least one Moe Pirate Touhou. With his statements about a certain Touhou anime, I won’t forgive Zun if he doesn’t deliver on at least this much.

(I swear he gets his great designs by getting wasted while sitting next to a box of crayons and some paper and looking at what he drew when he isn’t hammered.)

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  1. Manzha

    Oossu~ !

    Touhou 12 o.O , I’ve just played 3 of these games xD and I couldn’t get the extra stage, neither do finish them (EoSD, Shoot the bullet, and subterranean animism).

    Oh, yes that’s an UFO o.O.

    I can’t wait to play this n.n ~

    See ya!

    Manzha´s last blog post..Test de personalidad

  2. Sil

    If I managed to convince my parents, I’ll be sure to pick up a copy at Reitaisai xD

    Also: http://desuchan.net/touhou/src/1235607359860.jpg

    TH12: Reimu Steals Christmas?

    Sil´s last blog post..TH12 Touhou Seirensen ~Undefined Fantastic Object due Reitaisai 6

  3. Southrop

    Dang. Yet another one for me to catch up on. I haven’t even started on the Touhou series yet! xD

    Southrop´s last blog post..This time it’s real!

  4. Sil

    @Southy: Start now, you’ll love it as time goes.

    @Honya: Just to drop you a note, I can see you as a valid contact on MSN now 😛

    Sil´s last blog post..Diary Entries

  5. Honya

    @Manzha: You should play Imperishable Night. That’s the easiest one in my opinion.

    @Southrop: If you really want to get into Touhou, you should start as soon as possible because waiting only makes catching up with everything harder.

    @Sil: I really wish I could go to Reitaisai. You have to tell me the story about this. I actually need to buy all the games one of these days since Touhou is one of the things I have few reservations about spending money on. Also I won’t be online until the weekend when I will finally have my exams finished.

  6. Sil

    @Honya: No, not really, I find Kaei on Lunatic a lot easier than IN.

    Sil´s last blog post..Diary Entries

  7. Southrop

    Ugh.. i need to work out some time to start playing games again D:
    I spend most of my computer time browsing forums and such.

    And I’ve started reading MegaTokyo.

    Southrop´s last blog post..Halo Wars

  8. Zeroblade

    Hm, perhaps he has gotten better! Possibly.
    But lol UFOs.

    Zeroblade´s last blog post..Global Shinkai Day

  9. Manzha

    I was going to give it a try to Perfect Cherry Blossom and then Imperishable Night, but I got stuck on Shoot The Bullet, ToT.

    See ya~

    Manzha´s last blog post..Cometa Lulin

  10. Honya

    @Sil: Unfortunately I can’t say I that I play on Lunatic. My abilities have not been able to progress much since I don’t have much time nowadays to practice except on holidays.

    @Southrop: I wish I had the time to do that. Not really interested in MegaTokyo at all though.

    @Zeroblade: I’ll lol if we get some Touhou martians.

    @Manzha: Shoot the bullet can be pretty useful for practicing how to closely approach various kinds of spellcards.

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