Mar 10 2009

Another New Lyrical Nanoha Manga Appears! Enter Nanoha ViVid


According to the manga-ka Fujima Takuya’s blog, yet another new Nanoha manga titled Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid taking place 4 years after StrikerS is set to join the Nanoha 4th Series bandwagon. It is set to begin serialization May 26th in Monthly Comp Ace magazine with story written by Tsuzuki Masaki and art by Fujima Takuya of course who has also done Negima!? Neo of all things. Judging by the promotional art and the title itself, it is quite obvious the new manga will focus on Loli Belka Superweapon Vivio so if you like her you’ll probably also love this.


With two new Nanoha manga debuting within a month of each other, dreams of a fourth anime series are sounding more and more plausible. Just like Nanoha Force I’ll be picking this manga right away to satiate my Nanoha fix.

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  1. Zeroblade

    Hooray for the moe loli Belka Superweapon~

    Zeroblade´s last blog post..Ar tonelico 2 Writeup

  2. Honya

    Oh god, I just had a random thought: I want to see her do a Starlight Breaker!

  3. Sil

    I think i spot a reverse desu.

    Sil´s last blog post..Spring – A new school term for everyone else, and a new season of anime

  4. iammeithink:S

    yay i wanna seee vivio fighting ^○^

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