Mar 28 2009

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 17


For various reasons last week I was not able to do my signature Yuri drawing so this week I decided to do another double feature. Gracing the board this week is no other than the Vocaloid 2 Girls Miku, Rin and Luka. Apparently having the ability to sing in English combined with her mature looks allows Luka to seduce her companions. Let’s take a closeup of Luka and Rin:


Let’s not forget about Luka with Miku:


Poor Rin. She must be embarrassed about sharing her cake with Luka.


Luka must love using her tongue.


Hopefully I won’t run into problems for next week’s drawing. また見てね!

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  1. Southrop

    Oh yes! It’s MikuXLuka!

    I totally support this drawing! 😀

    Southrop´s last blog post..Spice and Wolf II Act 0 promo available!

  2. Citrus

    Luka is the best Vocaloid, even if Miku is more popular.

    Citrus´s last blog post..すごい!愛様

  3. Zeroblade

    Whoa, Miku x Luka is pretty racy @_@

    Zeroblade´s last blog post..Ar tonelico 2 Writeup

  4. Honya

    MikuXLuka seems to be a hit.

    @Citrus: I still like Miku the best. She did pave the way for the other modern Vocaloids AND revived the popularity of the first generation Vocaloids after all.

  5. S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.

    (the creator of Mario: The Fourth Sector and SCORPION’s Ravage)

    I don’t get it. Why would Luka want to sexually seduce Miku and Rin? Is she a lesbian or something? I know that Miku isn’t, I listen to the music people make with her. Anyway, what is this “MikuXLuka” mean? Luka is a new volcaliod, but that doesn’t mean that she has to turture her predecesors like that. Those are just questions. Anyway, a part of me does like the idea of Miku and Luka together.

    Anyway, unrelated to the comment above. That artskill is truly amazing.

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