May 28 2009

Key’s Newest Work Angel Beats! is an Anime!


According to Dengeki G’s Magazine July issue, Key’s new project “Angel Beats!” was confirmed to be a TV anime series between Key, Aniplex and Dengeki G’s Magazine. I can’t find the words to express my excitement right now. I’m sort of relieved that Angel Beats is an anime instead of a visual novel since it means I don’t have to divide my attention between this and Rewrite. I wonder when it will actually air though and whether there will be some sort of formal connection with Rewrite. Of course what’s most important is which studio is animating Angel Beats. Although I really hope Key sticks with KyoAni it appears that it will be A-1 Pictures (Kannagi) working on this which I don’t mind.

I added a new Header to celebrate. I love Key so much.

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