May 29 2009

Azu-Nyan: An Awesome Addition to K-ON!


K-ON! is by far my favorite anime out of all the shows I’m watching this season so I was excited to have another new member joining the Light Music Club. Of course the first thing I wondered about was what Azusa would bring to the show and after watching episode 9 all I have to say is LOVE.

The most noticeable aspect of Azusa is that she is short and I really do mean short; her feet don’t even touch the floor when she sits down. Other than that though her main distinguishing feature is her shyness which reminds me of Mio. Just like Mio she seems rather serious and can get really mad as she demonstrated when she got annoyed by Yui, Mugi, Ritsu, and Sawa-chan-sensei having tea time in the clubroom. At the same time though she appears to like being fed especially by Yui. In fact I think she really likes Yui and at this point has essentially been tamed into Yui’s pet. It’s amazing how Yui never fails to calm down Azusa causing her to shine and how Yui can convince Azusa to do embarrassing things like meowing in cat ears.

Click this; it’s an animated gif

As much as Azu-nyan made an impression on me, I think Yui is still my favorite character. All the characters have their own charms like Mugi and her Yuri Goggles but I love Yui the most since she reminds me a lot of myself. We both are quite laid back and would rather spend time eating sweets and drinking tea than doing work. Yui and I also have this habit of acting like senior citizens with back ailments when we don’t feel like doing things or dodging questions in suspicious manners which everyone obviously sees past. Even when we do try to get work done we get easily distracted to the point we lose absurd amounts of time that could have been spent studying which sometimes shows in our lack of knowledge in technical terminology. Like Yui I make up for it by picking up new things very fast even though I have a hard time remembering the specific jargon that describes what I have learned. There are many more commonalities between Yui and I that I haven’t listed but the main point is that Yui is strangely similar to me.

It seems I have gotten a bit off-topic. Basically what I am trying to say is that I like Azusa’s inclusion into K-ON!’s fantastic cast as Yui’s new pet. It’s kind of sad that there are only four episodes left though. *Wishes for more episodes*

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  1. Southrop

    Haha. Mio’s my favourite, and she’ll stay my favourite regardless of whoever is added!

    Southrop´s last blog post..Fame, here I come!

  2. Honya

    I like Mio too but I can’t escape Yui’s cuteness or her similarities to me.

  3. Chiisai

    I like Mio and Yui as well, more so than Azu-nyan, but she is quite cute nonetheless. I wish there would be more episodes too. Surely KyoAni sees the success and popularity of K-ON! so maybe a second season? :3

  4. Honya

    With all the successful shows KyoAni has done and there relatively small studio size, as much as I want it I’m not too sure how much priority they would give to K-ON! 2.

    *Prays for more K-ON! after Lucky Star 2 and Little Busters*

  5. Gabrielle

    Mio-chan & Yui-chan have to be my favourite! Although azu-nyan is adorable :) Love the gif haha. x

  6. Jhermesh Shairah

    .. i LIKE AZU NYAN ANd MIO,, mosTLY alL :)

  7. firefliesfly

    I love K-on but after watching it i feel kinda depressed since i know my life will never be as exciting and fun as theirs

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