Jun 12 2009

Umineko Anime OP Preview


I don’t know the exact details but a 45 second cut of Umineko no Naku Koro ni’s anime opening song was leaked on Nico Nico Douga recently. Interestingly enough it seems the English fan community has invaded and left a bunch of English comments which the Japanese don’t seem to enjoy very much. Quite hilarious if you ask me. Video below for convenience:

The song is similar in style to the original game’s opening and is sung by the same artist so I am sure it will please fans. Trying to imagine the accompanying animation is somewhat hard but it would be nice if they eluded to the original openings from the games and changed scenes for each of the four episodes. Definitely looking forward to the TV version and the full-size to be released August 19.

(In a related note, I may be helping fansub the Umineko anime.)

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  1. Kairu Ishimaru

    Higurashi OPs are still better.
    [rq=5102,0,blog][/rq]This is why I like 2d K-ON! girls better…

  2. Chiisai

    Wow, the styles are quite similar. Like the game opening, the chanting parts are in Italian?

  3. Citrus

    Since when have you become a prospective fansubber, Honya? Has your Moonspeak improved that much? Do you suddenly have a ton of free time? You gotta call me sometime so I can hear the whole story.

  4. Southrop

    For which group? This I want to know 😀
    .-= Southrop´s last blog ..Hatsune Miku x Kannagi Itsuki!? =-.

  5. Honya

    @Kairu Ishimaru: I like Higurashi’s songs too but they are not nearly as epic-sounding as Umineko’s.

    @Chiisai: I always assumed it was Latin (Western magic and what not) but since I know neither Latin nor Italian it could either one.

    @Southrop: Quoting our blog, “SEACATS is a group formed specifically to sub Umineko no Naku Koro ni, an upcoming summer anime.” If you want to help feel free to ask.

  6. razznasi

    can’t wait till the full song comes out!!!!

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