Jun 15 2009

More FumoFumo Touhou Plushies GET


Last December I wrote that I got Gift’s FumoFumo Touhou Plushie Reimu and Marisa. Nearly half-a-year later I have finally gotten more Touhous to add to my collection. To be precise I received FumoFumo Alice, Patchouli, Remilia and Sakuya this afternoon. I was originally supposed to get Remilia and Sakuya in February but Toys Logic failed incredibly hard despite my early pre-order so I once again turned to Shopping Mall Japan to help me snag them at Yahoo Auctions Japan. I got Remi, Sakuya, Alice and Patchy for about 7000 yen per pair which is close to retail price and after fees and shipping about the same price I would have paid at Toys Logic so in the end it worked out. (There are a few things that Toys Logic offers that other sites don’t that I’m interested in such as the Saki Mahjong Set but I’ll be wary the next time I try to order from them).


Unfortunately I’m still missing Flandre from my collection since I ran out of money. Hopefully I’ll add Flan later. There’s also a giant version of the Reimu Plushie but I’d rather save my money for possibly more of the regular-sized ones assuming Gift continues to release more.

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  1. Zanaikin

    Oh christ you have too many of these =9

    Anyways, I finally dropped by your blog and all to check if you’re actually alive. I mean it’s school out & all but… at least answer either your phone or your email or get on AIM every so while!!!

    Please do give me a call when you get your cell phone back up running again.

  2. Nabiki

    Sorry, but i’m not here to comment about your post. I’m here because you said that you’re interested in traslating Umineko mangá if my group make everything else. We’re just missing a translator and, if you’re accepting work with us, you just need to make this part of translation. If you have an msn or e-mail, please contact me as soon as possible so we can start right way, we’ll be waiting your response ^^

  3. Sil

    Oh gods Sakuya >:3

    You’re one rich person, how i envy you =~=;;

  4. Honya

    I think you mean I’ve become poor thanks to these.

  5. Chiisai

    Wow, those are cute! I love the Remilia one<3, though some of them are smiling while others aren't.

  6. Honya

    I find it funny how only Remilia and Marisa are smiling while Alice and Reimu have a a certain not amused expression and Patchouli and Sakuya are going Mukyuu~

  7. SHA1L33

    I really want to get Flandre but on ebay she’s $39.99 with $19.99 shipping… :( why must the anime world be so expensive? And does anyone know where I can find a Flan plushie for a good price or is $60 a good price for her? LOL

  8. Honya

    I can’t find it cheaper elsewhere. That might be your best bet for now.

  9. motaku96

    Amiami sells the plushies. Around retail price. And right now they have a sale for shipping going on.

  10. Honya

    I actually did get more of them from AmiAmi. The pricing is good but the problem is they never have Flan in stock since she’s too popular for her own good. I’ll get Youmu and Yuyuko at some point too.

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