Jul 01 2009

Lyrics: Umineko no Naku Koro ni OP Katayoku no Tori by Shikata Akiko (TV Size)


I don’t normally do TV size lyrics but considering that I’ve been on a 07th Expansion translation frenzy lately, I decided I might as well. The reason I don’t usually do TV size cuts is because I can’t guarantee the same accuracy from listening and transcribing as I can from looking at lyrics booklets. Anyway I am pretty confident that this is mostly accurate. Special shout out to atlantiza for helping me figure out two of the lines. Enjoy.

EDIT: Updated with some changes from this site.

海鳴りの調べに この雲は空へ集う
Uminnari no shirabe ni Kono kumo ha sora he tsudou
At the melody of the rumbling sea these clouds gather in the sky

Arashi wo yobu kaze ha takaraka ni
Loudly the wind calls the tempest

謎めく言の葉に 魔女たちは含み笑う
Nazomeku kotonoha ni Majotachi ha fukumi warau
With enigmatic words the witches sneer at the hidden meaning

Ibitsu na yoru no utage ha kurikaesu
The banquet of this warped night repeats again

奈落へと落ちる 金色の蝶を
Naraku he to ochiru Kin’iro no chou
Descend to hell golden butterflies

Ikutsu no tsumi ni hana wo yurushite yuku no
With how many sins are the feathers tainted?

泣かないで 囚われた幻想を壊し
Nakanaide torawareta Gensou wo kowashi
Don’t cry; Smash this illusion of your imprisonment

Ichido kiri no shuuen wo ageyou
For a moment I’ll give you a reprieve from your demise

果たせない 約束は胸の奥 焦げ付いた
Hatasenai yakusoku ga mune no oku kogetsuite
This unachievable promise is burned onto the inside of my chest

Akaku akaku hateteku yo
Go spurt brilliant red

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  1. Anon


    Thanks for the lyrics =)

    U have the lyrics for the background vocal???

  2. sogi

    hmmm the first one is ‘sta nel mele’ or ‘it resides in evil’ then ‘il peccato’ the sin’ of course the official lyrics from the web release ar different from these. but it’s that part that’s song different and fast.

  3. Honya

    I know absolutely nothing about Italian so even if I tried to transcribe those parts it would be impossible and end up as gibberish.

    Anyway I fixed the lyrics a bit so they should be more accurate now.

  4. Faction

    here are the italian:
    @01-07: Il giudizio vien dal mare e sta per essere emesso
    The judgement comes from the sea and is about to be passed

    @07-12: Nessuno può liberarsi dal peccato che scorre nelle vene
    No one can free themselves from the sin that flows in their veins

    @38-40: Sta nel male
    It resides in evil

    @43-44: Il peccato
    The sin

    @1:25: Tu sei senza pietà, ma quanto sarà pesante il mio castigo?
    You are merciless, but how harsh will my punishment be?

  5. razznasi

    cool!do you have translation for ed song too?

  6. enje

    it good!!

  7. blue

    u r AWSOME!!!!! I needed these lyrics so bad, and you got wrote them for me! you….are truly amazing

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